Marvel’s Avengers: How To Get Upgrade Modules & Reach 150 PL | End-Game Guide

Getting to 150 Power Level in Marvel’s Avengers is a chore — once you hit the 130 PL softcap, you’ll need to use Upgrade Modules to increase your power. And you’re going to need a whole lot of these modules to boost your gear and gain those final 20 Power Levels. If you’re lost and don’t know where to get Upgrade Modules, we’ll break down all the methods below and explain what ways are going to be the most efficient for farming.

Upgrade Modules are a rare resource you’ll only get from Gold Chests, Silver Chests, and VIP targets. By completing certain missions, you can also earn then in larger numbers — and if you know a mission layout well, you can farm any mission area on Challenge IV and dismantle the legendary gear you earn for more modules. The best way to get these daily is all about the DNA Vaults.

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How To Get Upgrade Modules | DNA Keys & End-Game Materials Guide

Upgrade Modules are the only way to reach max Power Level. Using these rare materials to boost your best equipment is the only way to get from 130 PL to 140 PL. At 140 PL, you’ll have to fully upgrade your artifact for an instant +10 PL boost, putting you at 150 PL.

But boosting your gear gets really expensive — and every boost requires a stack of Upgrade Modules. There are a few ways to acquire these modules, so let’s break down all the methods for farming them. And you’ll absolutely have to farm them.

  • Method #1: DNA Keys

By completing a daily Villain Sector, you’ll acquire a DNA Key. This special key will unlock Vaults. These vaults can contain up to 15 Upgrade Modules if you play on Brutal Difficulty. On lower difficulty, you can earn 10 Upgrade Modules from the vault chests.

  • Method #2: Farming Chests / Bounty Targets

Play on Challenge IV and clear missions you’re familiar with. Any Warzone can reward you with Upgrade Modules. Open Gold Chests (more likely to spawn on higher difficulty) for a chance to get Upgrade Modules and Legendary gear. Clear Bounty Targets, and you’re guaranteed to get a Legendary for completing the mission.

Dismantle Legendary Gear for a chance to earn Upgrade Modules.

  • Method #3: Purchase From Faction Vendors

Faction Vendors sell Upgrade Modules for 250 fragments. That’s pretty expensive, so I recommend saving your fragments and just completing daily Villain Sectors instead.

That’s a few ways you can earn the rarest and most valuable material in the game.