Minecraft PlayStation 4 Owners Will Receive Free PSVR Update This Month

Minecraft is a massive worldwide video game hit. It’s been around for ages now and it continues to find new fans on a regular basis, all while the development team at Mojang brings out additional content for players to enjoy. Of course, with that said, there is a game mode that Mojang was interested in bringing to the PlayStation 4 and now they are finally able to announce it. Later this month, fans will see a PlayStation VR game mode being added to Minecraft.

VR really took off this generation of video game platforms. We see most of it get pushed to the PC platform with the likes of Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive being the dominant VR headsets. However, Sony brought out a VR headset for the PlayStation 4 and it’s been confirmed to be working on the upcoming PlayStation 5. This PSVR headset is really the only console alternative VR system right now as Microsoft and Nintendo have yet to make the jump into the VR realm for their console platforms. 

We should see plenty of new and exciting VR games get added into the mix for the PSVR when the PlayStation 5 launches, but until then there is a new update coming to Minecraft that would allow players to enjoy this game via their PSVR headsets. It’s also something that’s been in the works for a little while now according to the official PlayStation Blog.

Announced through Mojang Studios Roger Carpenter, this Minecraft VR update will be completely free and will release at some point later this month. It’s the full gameplay experience as well, so don’t expect any content being cut. According to the official PlayStation blog post, there are two ways to enjoy this game which is the full VR Immersive mode along with the standard Living Room mode. As for the controls, it looks like you’ll still be using the standard DualShock 4 controller. However, we’re still not entirely sure just when this update will roll out other than at some point before October hits.

Source: PlayStation Blog