Marvel’s Avengers: Here’s What All The Status Effects Actually Do | Gear Bonuses Guide

Sometimes you’ll get gear that deals a special type of damage in Marvel’s Avengers. You might get a piece of gear that gives you COSMIC, GAMMA, or PYM SHRINK status effects to enemies. But what the heck do these weird statuses actually do? Even if you’ve got the gear and you’re using it on enemies, it isn’t always clear. There is no documentation that explains how these powers effect enemies.

Actually, that’s a lie. There is documentation! But it’s solely in the tooltips you’ll spot (very briefly) during loading screens. With enough patience, we’ve managed to compile all the different status effects. Look, I used to have no idea what PLASMA BURN does, so I had to find out. Now we’re sharing that information with you. Check out the full list of status effects below.

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Status Effects List | Cryo, Cosmic, Electro, Gamma, Particle, Plasma

Gear can add special status effects to your articles. There are 6 different types of status effects — some have an obvious effect, but others do not. Here’s a full list of the official explanations provided in the random loading screen tooltips.

  • CRYO FREEZE: If an enemy takes enough Cryo damage, they FREEZE, slowing movement and decreasing the frequency of all actions. Inhibits many defensive abilities altogether.
  • COSMIC IONIZATION: If an enemy takes enough Cosmic damage, they become IONIZED, incurring an increase in damage from incoming attacks while simultaneously boosting Hero willpower.
  • ELECTRO SHOCK: If an enemy takes enough Shock damage, they become SHOCKED, incurring increased damage from incoming attacks and a greater chance that Critical Attacks will occur.
  • GAMMA POISONING: If an enemy takes enough Gamma damage, they come POISONED, incurring additional intermittent damage that they spread to nearby enemies. Being defeated while suffering this status effect causes a large Gamma explosion.
  • PYM SHRINK: If an enemy takes enough Particle damage, the Pym Particles cause them to SHRINK. While reduced in size, enemies deal less damage and take more damage from all attacks.
  • PLASMA BURN: If an enemy takes enough Plasma damage, they BURN and are intermittently interrupted from attacking. Some enemies will also be staggered by this effect.

That’s it! Now you know the difference between Plasma damage and Particle damage.