Marvel’s Avengers: How To Get Vault Coordinates | Guaranteed Key SHIELD Cache Locations

Vault Coordinates are little mini-missions you can earn randomly in Marvel’s Avengers — finding them gives you the location of a vault in another warzone, allowing you to open up the vault and claim the rewards inside.

They’re randomly generated, but there are a few locations where you’re guaranteed to find one. If you’re looking to crack open more chests and speed up your end-game grind, here’s where you can find an endless supply of guaranteed vault coordinates / keys.

There’s only one of these vault coordinates per run, but that’s all you really need. There’s more than one location with vault coordinates / keys too, so we’ll list all of the ones we’ve found so far.

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Where To Find Guaranteed Vault Coordinates / Keys | Locations Guide

Vault Coordinates are found in Secret SHIELD bases on specific maps. When you get near a hidden SHIELD base, a radar ping will appear on your HUD. Follow it to the hidden switch to access the underground room.

Down below, grab all the chests and you’ll find a Vault Coordinates item — this unlocks an additional side-mission on your War Table. You’ll be able to raid the vault in a mission called “Desert Vault” or “Forest Vault” etc.

There are lots of good rewards in these vaults, so if you’re aiming to farm them or if you want to complete Hero Card Challenges requiring secret vaults, then this is how to get them.

  • Vault Coordinates Locations:
    • Stark Realities (Pacific Northwest): Go left from the start until you find a radar signal.
    • Our Town (Utah Badlands): Go to the far back-left and enter a cave past the police cars. You’ll find the radar signal after exiting through the other side of the cave.
    • Day of the Remains (Pacific Northwest): Go left from the start. There are two SHIELD caches in this mission.

Vaults and Elite Vaults are a great way to farm gear on higher difficulty levels. Just remember to boost the challenge rating up for a better chance at finding those valuable gold chest!