Marvel’s Avengers: All The Legendary Outfits (So Far) | Epic Skins Guide

As you play through Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll unlock a surprisingly diverse variety of different skins for your heroes — from simple casual outfits to fancy Starktech gear, there’s a lot of different looks to choose from. But there are some costumes that are locked to the marketplace.

The marketplace is a DLC store where you can spend premium currency to get skins, emotes, and other cosmetics for your characters. Everything in the store is purely cosmetic, so it’s all easy to skip — but some of the outfits are really pretty cool. The Legendary Outfits are especially awesome, referencing huge comic events or past iterations of the heroes.

If you’re curious to see what Legendary Outfits are waiting for you to buy (or earn, although that’s going to take a long time) — we’ve got a full list for all the characters currently in the game.

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Legendary Outfits are special costumes / epic skins that can be purchased in the Marketplace. You can buy Premium Currency or earn it (slowly) in-game. Each Legendary Outfit costs 14000 currency — or $14.00. That’s a huge mark-up, so we’ll see if the skins go down in price in the future.

Captain Marvel Legendary Outfits

Hulk Legendary Outfits

Iron Man Legendary Outfits

Thor Legendary Outfits

Captain America Legendary Outfits

Black Widow Legendary Outfits

That’s all the Legendary Outfits you can get — but there will be more. And probably a lot more soon. One benefit that Marvel’s Avengers has is that all outfits and Battle Pass cosmetics will be available always. You don’t have to rush to unlock anything. You can take your time and earn new tier levels at your own pace.