Tell Me Why: Episode 2 – All Collectibles Locations Guide

Tell Me Why continues, and we’re tackling all the collectibles in Episode 2. Like Episode 1, there are 5 collectibles to find and some of them are pretty easy to miss. If you do miss one, you can instantly return to previous sequences in the Episode Select Menu so you won’t have to replay much to get whatever you’re missing.

Tell Me Why is a new murder mystery from the creators of Life Is Strange. Playing as a pair of siblings reuniting to sell your estranged mother’s house, the game delves into some dark territory — and we won’t spoil the story here. This is just about the collectibles. We’ll keep the actual context as vague as possible to make collecting hassle free.

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There are five collectibles in Episode 2. Here’s where to find them all. If you miss one, you can return to each section from the Episode Select Menu.

  • Collectible #1: The Big Frog
    • Episode: Ahoy Goblins!
    • Location: In the house, you’ll find your brother cleaning under the sink. Go to the living room and check under the table.
  • Collectible #2: The Stalwart Moose
    • Episode: Cold Case
    • Location: Playing as Tyler, check the drawer of Eddy’s desk.
  • Collectible #3: The Mangy Muskrat
    • Episode: Plushy Fight!
    • Location: Find this one in the Storage Room, to the left of an old white / green refrigerator.
  • Collectible #4: The Very Old Beaver
    • Episode: Last Rites
    • Location: Again, playing as Tyler, you’ll enter a second section of the cemetery. Find this one behind the grave marker for Carol Brown.
  • Collectible #5: The Moon Hack
    • Episode: Scorched Earth
    • Location: Near the end, you’ll enter a barn with Tyler. Walk past the fire and go to the back-right room in the barn. There’s an open shelf with the collectible inside.

That’s all five collectibles. There will be more in Episode 3! Check back soon for the final set of locations.