Tell Me Why Final Two Episodes Release This Month

Dontnod Entertainment has made quite the name for themselves when it comes to narrative-driven video games. These are the folks that brought out the Life is Strange franchise, a game that most would recommend for players interested in an adventure title. Much like their other games, the most recent release for the studio came in the form of Tell Me Why, an episodic drama video game. While being an episodic release, this is a relatively contained storyline that won’t take as long as their previous works as there are only three episodes.

Tell Me Why follows two siblings who return home in order to sell the property. However, as they embark on their old settlement, they start to unravel some of their past history and discover some facts that may have altered how they viewed their own childhood today. It’s another coming of age storyline that will hopefully deliver an impact punch that the studio has been known for with their other previous works. However, one thing that will be different this time is that the wait between episodes is by far shorter than before.

Life is Strange 2, their previous release, was a game notorious for having some rather long waiting periods between episode releases. It’s something that fans were not all that thrilled about as playing through an episode could mean having to wait four months before you could continue the storyline. It’s something that may have taken the anticipation a bit before seeing just what the next chapter entails. This may have also been the reason Dontnod Entertainment ensured that this next game would be delivered in a short amount of time.

Oddly enough it’s a game that would be complete in just a couple weeks time which has us wondering why the game didn’t just release fully. Tell Me Why’s first episode released on August 27, 2020, and the following episode is said to launch on September 3, 2020, a week after the first episode. Now we know that episode 3 is set to release on September 10, 2020. This would complete the game for players interested in the full storyline. Of course, with that said, there is another game slated to launch at some point this year from the development studio and that’s Twin Mirror, a non-episodic adventure game being published through Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Source: PC Gamer