10 Best Easter Eggs Of 2020

Nothing can stop Easter eggs. We’ve said it again and again, but 2020 was a weird year for video games. New consoles were released and tons of games landed, but it still felt strangely quiet — Easter eggs were actually pretty paltry. Maybe we just weren’t in the mood for silly secrets in 2020 from the majority of games. Last Of Us: Part 2 wasn’t about to feature dancing minions.

But, like I said, nothing can stop Easter eggs. There are still plenty to discuss, and a few that we’ll remember for years to come. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War features different Easter eggs in multiple separate game modes, Cyberpunk 2077 brings in some heavy duty cameos, and Among Us made itself known in 2020. There’s a lot of fun to find, so let’s revisit the best stuff from 2020.

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The Ghana Funeral [Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War]

Black Ops Cold War brings back the fan-favorite Zombies mode — which is usually packed with Easter eggs. And that’s including one massive Easter egg quest with an ending cutscene. We’re not going to talk about the huge Easter egg quest here, because there’s something way better to find.

You can visit your own pocket dimension complete with dancing pallbearer zombies reenacting the Ghana Funeral meme. It’s a party atmosphere in the colorful universe, and you can reach it by shooting five very specific glowing orbs. You might even get a legendary weapon for the deal! We’ve got a full guide explaining all the steps here for more info.

Opposite Day [Among Us]

This Easter Egg isn’t really new to 2020. Heck, Among Us isn’t new to 2020. The little mobile game became wildly popular in the early days of the pandemic. It actually released way back in 2018. Seeing as the game is totally new to most of us, I think this totally counts.

And this is one of the few Easter eggs related to a specific day. On April Fool’s, one of the maps in Among Us flips around like a mirror image. It’s the map Skeld — and if you have Admin privileges, you can run a game and freak out your friends with a quick change to your computer calendar. It isn’t the flashiest Easter egg on our list, but we couldn’t ignore Among Us. Anything that makes players even more sus is worth it.

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