12 Best Cyberpunk Games That Aren’t Cyberpunk 2077

We’ve got cyberpunk fever. Neon lights, flashy haircuts, and grimy streets populated by street samurai battling megacorporations — cyberpunk is one genre that’s a natural fit for videogames. Obviously Cyberpunk 2077 is the big name in town that’s eclipsing everything else right now. But there are plenty of small titles that everyone needs to jack into at least once.

Today we’re exploring some of the best cyberpunk games the genre has to offer. There are so many awesome little indie visions of the dark future, we had to expand our horizons and squeeze 12 entries onto our list. There’s no order here — these are just all the games I would personally recommend for fans looking for more stylish futuristic dystopias in their lives.

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Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut

The second of three Shadowrun turn-based RPGs from developer Harebrained Schemes, Dragonfall is my personal favorite of the bunch for mixing fantasy and sci-fi cyberpunk concepts to tell a perfectly twisted story of conspiracy. The Director’s Cut further refines this great mini-package.

In Shadowrun: Dragonfall you play as a crew of fantasy species — elves, orcs, and dragons all intermingle in the ruins of a rebuilt Berlin. While there is magic, you’ll spend most of the game doing battle with futuristic weapons, hacking robots and infiltrating megacorporations. This is an isometric RPG with some old-school sensibilities, but enough new inspiration to make it worth everyone’s time.

Katana ZERO

A sleeper hit on the Nintendo Switch, Katana ZERO is a fast-paced 2D indie action game. Telling a hardboiled story of criminal deception in a city both futuristic and rundown, you’ll fight through arenas packed with bad guys that can gun down your samurai in one hit. The trick? You have the power to see your future.

Every time you “die” you’re actually just rewinding your plan — starting from the beginning and attempting to change your fate. This is an evolution of the formula created by games like Hotline Miami. It’s just as dark and dismally violent, but with even more story to keep you going. One of the most fun games in recent memory, and it’s 100% cyberpunk.

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