12 Best Cyberpunk Games That Aren’t Cyberpunk 2077

Blade Runner

The opposite of the previous games on our list, and one of the original progenitors of cyberpunk. Everyone knows Blade Runner — the Harrison Ford movie from like 40 years ago now? Blade Runner is an adventure game spin-off, and one of the most impressive adventure games ever when it originally released. It’s an older game that’s been re-released on GoG so most modern computers can finally experience this unique gem.

In Blade Runner, you play as a detective hunting down “skinjobs” — escaped replicants that look exactly like humans. Your goal is to figure out which characters in the conspiracy are replicants, and the answer changes every time you play. Yes, the solution is randomized so you actually need to pay attention to clues and check all the evidence before making your case. It’s an interesting gimmick, and a fascinating look at the big budget games of the past.


If you’re looking for a bigger budget Katana ZERO or Ruiner, Ghostrunner is the game to reach for. In Ghostrunner, you’re a ninja robot blazing through first-person levels, slicing through enemies to climb a massive cyberpunk tower and encounter the evil AI in charge. It’s like a mix of Hotline Miami and Mirror’s Edge, except you’ve got a permanent katana.

While wiping out enemies is your goal, you’ll be doing more platforming than other action games on this list. You have a variety of gadgets and abilities to parkour through the cyclopean stages. Enemies are just a pitstop to your next running challenge. Speed is the name of the game here. If you get queasy easily, this is one you might want to skip.

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