12 Best Cyberpunk Games That Aren’t Cyberpunk 2077

Deus Ex

How can we make a list of cyberpunk games without including the biggest? Deus Ex is the original example. It’s not just a cyberpunk game. It’s a game that basically invented an entire genre of FPS-RPGs. Games like Dishonored, Bioshock and many more were partly inspired by Deus Ex. And for good reason.

Deus Ex drops you into a large level, and lets you figure out how to proceed. You can shoot everything that moves, or you can sneak and knock people out. You can complete side-quests to earn money and buy special equipment, upgrade your cybernetic body with enhancements, or unlock powers to gain even more options. There weren’t many games that gave you options like Deus Ex, and there still aren’t many that can match it.

A true classic and a must-play for fans that’s still pretty dang fun. Just be prepared to play it slow until you’ve upgraded your character — the early hours can be a little grueling for modern players.


Another FPS with a completely different spin on the gameplay. This isn’t an action game — this is 100% horror. OBSERVER_ is the most terrifying and interesting game by Blooper Team so far. Set in a cyberpunk dystopian apartment complex, you explore the apartments trying to find your missing son. While investigating clues, you’ll also jack-in to people’s dreams. Melding your mind with deranged people isn’t such a good idea.

Eventually the terrors escape the mindscape and start hunting you in reality. A strange experiment uncovers a terrifying secret. Augmented reality and ads cover every wall of the ruined apartment building. It’s a unique take on horror with a science-fiction twist that’s totally cyberpunk.

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