12 Best Cyberpunk Games That Aren’t Cyberpunk 2077

Satellite Reign

Another game that didn’t get as popular as it should have. Satellite Reign is a top-down squad strategy game where you’ll take on missions and fight megacorporations for money.

In a cool twist, you can “steal” people and clone them to inherit skills from civilians or VIPs in the game world. It’s a living world too — you’ll need to travel to locations in the city with your team, avoiding red zones and police patrols.

It’s an incredibly unique little game with some cool next-gen ideas. It’s all real-time too, so if you’re looking for faster action than Shadowrun, this a game you’ll want to try.

Surge 2

It’s cyberpunk Dark Souls. How can we say no to that? The Surge 2 is a marked improvement over the original game, dropping your protagonist into the middle of a nightmare scenario in a massive city, where everyone’s corporate-mandated cybernetics go haywire, turning random civilians into insane killers.

To upgrade yourself, you’ll have to dismember your enemies to claim their enhancements. You slowly rebuild yourself using the pilfered pieces of tech taken from anyone — it’s a grisly system, and the game only gets weirder the deeper you go. By the end, it really enters a wild realm that I won’t spoil. It’s all sci-fi, but seen through a very twisted lens.

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