Among Us: Make Every Day Opposite Day With This Easter Egg | Reverse Maps Guide

Flip everything upside-down in Among Us with another date-specific Easter egg. Like the holiday-themed hats, you can access mirrored maps any time of the year if you change the settings. This is an old joke that players are suddenly discovering for themselves thanks to the ridiculous surge of popularity in the Among Us community — but a lot of us still had no idea.

The trick? Turning the clock to April 1st. This works on PC and Android phones, but you’ll need to run your own server to share with other players. You can even play on Public so anyone can enjoy the reversed map! This trick only works on Skeld — so you won’t be able to reverse every map. It’s just a fun little diversion you can whip out to shake up games.

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To summarize: you can reverse the Skeld map in Among Us by changing the date of your computer / device manually to April 1st, 2021 — and by being the Server Owner when running a game.

To manually change your date in Windows 10, follow these quick instructions.

  • How To Manually Change Date / Time on Windows 10:
    • Right-click the Time display on the bottom-right of your task-bar and select “Adjust date / time”
      • -OR- go to Settings -> Time & Language -> Date & Time
    • Turn OFF ‘Set Time Automatically’
    • Click ‘Change‘ under ‘Set Time Automatically’
    • Set your date to April 1st, 2021
    • Press ‘Change‘ to confirm.

Any year might work, but just to be safe try using 2021. Give it a try! Freak out your friends with a different spin on the same old maps.

Like the Holiday Hats, this is a date-specific Easter egg. And it’s been known for a long time! Like a lot of things in Among Us, we’re just now discovering some of the events from years before — this game was actually released like two years ago, and it’s only now found huge popularity thanks to streaming. Here’s hoping the game gets many, many more updates in the future.