Among Us: Use These Settings For A Perfectly Balanced Game | Community Settings You Should Use

Among Us exploded in popularity over the last few weeks, reaching the much larger audience that this creative multiplayer game deserves — and building a community that demands to know the perfect way to play. In Among Us, you play as a crew on a space vessel doing their daily business and maintenance. Hidden among the space-people are imposters, alien shape-shifters that have only one goal: kill everyone.

If you’ve played Trouble In Terrorist Town, you know the deal here — a detective tries to determine which players are the imposters, the crew tries to stay alive, and the imposters try to kill everyone before they’re caught. There’s a gentle balance between imposters and crew, and with the right settings you can squeeze the maximum amount of fun from the game. The standard settings are good, but they could be even better. That’s where these community-suggested settings come in.

Community Settings | Balanced Settings For Crew & Imposters

These settings are community-inspired efforts to make the most competitive game possible — giving the best balance to the crew and the imposter.

  • # Imposters: 2
    • Recommended for 6-8 players. Less than that, play with 1.
  • Confirm Ejects: On
  • # Emergency Meetings: 1
  • Emergency Cooldown: 15s
  • Discussion Time: 45s
  • Voting Time: 90s
  • Player Speed: 1.25x
  • Crewmate Vision: 0.5x
  • Imposter Vision: 1.5x
  • Kill Cooldown: 30s
  • Kill Distance: Short
  • Visual Tasks: Off
  • # Common Tasks: 1/2
  • # Long Tasks: 0/1
  • # Short Tasks: 4/5

Why are these settings perfect? Let’s break it down.

# Imposters: In Among Us, you want about two imposters for every four players. You want to give the Imposters a chance, so you want a couple of them around — if you have fewer than 6 players, I recommend going down to 1 imposter. Just make sure to avoid playing on the larger maps.

Confirm Ejects: This one is tricky. This setting confirms whether the ejected player is an imposter or not. If you’re looking for more mystery, disable this setting — it gives the imposters a slight edge when disabled.

# Emergency Meetings: Giving each character a single Emergency Meeting means players must use these moments wisely.

Emergency Cooldown: With a limited amount of emergency meetings, it makes sense to allow rapid-fire emergency meetings if there’s a real emergency. If multiple players are calling emergency meetings within 15s, you know something sus is going on.

Discussion Time: Not everyone uses Discord. If you’re using in-game chat, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of time for players to say what they need to say. If you’re using voice-chat, feel free to lower this setting.

Voting Time: Again, this is all about communication. Personally, I feel there should be way less time given for voting. Players should have to make a choice fast.

Player Speed: Increase player speed slightly so everyone can move around the map faster. You’ll have less time to react, but you’ll be able to dodge imposter attacks if you’re quick — the imposter settings are important for that.

Crewmate Vision: The crew needs to have much worse vision range than the imposter. That makes exploration a lot more paranoia-inducing! And the crew will have to fully check each room — as intended.

Imposter Vision: Imposters should have x3 (or, at lowest, x2) the vision range. Imposters need more visual information before they make a decision.

Kill Cooldown: Imposters shouldn’t be able to attack rapidly — if they attack and miss, they’ll be punished for it. No rampages allowed here. Making them wait 30s means the Imposters have to act patiently and choose their time to strike, instead of quickly wiping out half the crew.

Kill Distance: Imposters should have to attack at short-range for a kill. Very simple, and the imposters already have plenty of advantages here.

Visual Tasks: Turn off visual tasks so players can’t simply confirm with each other that they’re not an imposter. Turning off visual tasks means nobody can actually see what other players are doing, so there’s more uncertainty.

# Common / Long / Short Tasks: Just a personal preference. Obviously there should be fewer long tasks and more short tasks, but you can change these settings to match your particular group playstyle.