Among Us: How To Unlock Special Holiday Headgear Right Now | Exclusive Hats Guide

Among Us isn’t a new game. It might be new to the general public due to its insane surge of popularity recently, but this humble indie game actually came out way back in 2018. That means it’s already passed a few holiday events with special unlockables that most of us missed. Don’t worry — you can still earn Halloween and Christmas themed hats with a simple trick.

Hats are how you express your individuality in Among Us. Whether you’re a crewmate, a detective or an imposter — you’ll always get a randomly assigned color / pattern. Your hats are your special markers that make you an individual. Otherwise you’re just a little space guy in an identical suit compared to the rest of the little space guys.

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How To Unlock Holiday Hats

There are two sets of holiday hats in Among Us — the Christmas Collection and the Halloween Collection. Unlocking them isn’t as easy as just logging in, so here’s what you need to do.

  • On your Smart Device / PC, access the Date and Time settings.
    • Turn off Automatic Clock Setting
  • Change the time to the date one second before the holiday.
    • Christmas Hats: December 24 – 23:59
    • Halloween Hats: October 29 – 23:59
  • Wait until your PC / Phone ticks over to Dec. 25th / Oct. 30th then open Among Us.
  • Join a game or host, then use a laptop in the map. Go to the ‘Hats’ section and you’ll permanently unlock the Christmas or Halloween hats, depending on your date.

And that’s it! To be extra safe, you’ll want to wait for your computer / phone to reach the holiday date before starting the program. If it still doesn’t work, just exit and restart, and try again until it appears. Sometimes it is a little finicky — and make sure Automatic Clock Settings are turned off on your phone / PC.