Among Us 2 Has Been Cancelled In Favor Of Working On Original Game

Among Us came out in 2018 and while the developers were proud of their work as any person would be after putting so much time and effort, the IP didn’t take on a life of its own until 2020. This game had a huge resurgence of players and became a massively popular sleeper hit title. Now that there are so many players actively enjoying the game, developers are skipping out on the sequel altogether.

If you’re not familiar with Among Us, it’s a typical deception game. There are loads of different titles like it and each offers a unique type of setting. Overall, the game puts players together with one member among the group being an enemy. From there on out it’s the group’s job to determine who among them is the antagonist while the opposing player attempts to take out the remainder of the group in secret. In the case of Among Us, the group is part of a space crew that must complete a series of tasks in order to keep the ship in working order.

There is a slew of tasks for players to complete meanwhile the enemy player can sabotage the ship along with murdering the crew members. Periodically a meeting will occur where players sit in and discuss what they’ve been doing along with trying to determine just who among them is the enemy. Eventually, players can cast votes and throw a member off the ship that they feel is the antagonist. Of course, if you’re wrong then another member of your crew is eliminated.

As I mentioned, the Among Us game blew up this year. More and more streamers along with YouTubers are playing the game online which attracted a massive following. While the development studio Innersloth had planned to bring out a sequel, the title was decided to be scrapped. Instead, the developers are working to bring out all the content planned for the sequel onto the original game. This will be a big undertaking as the developers admitted that there was never any hope that the game would be as big as it is.

Now the studio will have to work on the base code along with adding all the content planned for the sequel in hopes of keeping a large audience enjoying the title. If you don’t already own the game, you can enjoy Among Us right now on the PC, Android, and iOS platforms.

Source: Eurogamer