Among Us Console Port Is A Possibility 

There have been two major video game titles that have taken the internet over by storm. One was Fall Guys, a wacky battle royale video game that pins sixty players against each other in a slew of mini-game. This was an instant hit and fans have slowly started to tamper off the game which I expect a resurgence to happen in October when the second season comes out. It’s during the second season that fans will get new levels and cosmetics, offering an incentive in checking the game out once again.

However, another title that was a sleeper hit became massively popular. Among Us released in 2018 by development team Innersloth. They are an indie game studio that released the game without expecting it to be as big as it is. However, streamers started to play the game, and eventually, people caught on to the title. We’re seeing it blow up with fans enjoying this deception game. There’s a ton of games out there like Among Us, but in this title, players work together as crew members in a space shuttle.

In order to keep the shuttle afloat, players are forced to go through a series of tasks. However, a member or two in the group are outsiders that are sabotaging the ship along with killing the crew members. It’s up to the crew to determine who among them is the traitor in a series of meetings. These meetings are usually done in text but friends have grouped together through other voice chat mediums to discuss what’s going on vocally. 

With Among Us only being on PC and smartphones, there’s been some wondering what the future may hold for this game. This is especially true after it was unveiled that Among Us sequel was cancelled for the Innersloth team to focus on updating content to the original title. However, recently, during a stream, an Innersloth team member was asked if there were any plans to bring out Among Us on console platforms. Their response was yes, but there are some obstacles the team has to figure out first.

Playing on consoles will make it a challenge where players will need microphones for meetings and additionally, there is some kind of measure needed to type out responses quickly if a player doesn’t want to go through vocal chat. It seems that while the studio is interested, it may be a good little while before we see this game actually hit the console marketplace.

Source: DualShockers