Sons Of The Forest Receives New Trailer

The Forest from Endnight Games was released back in 2018 after being available in Early Access. Overall, the game was a survival title as players were stuck in the woods looking for a means of escape. It was a mixture of survival and the constant threat of hostile enemies that left fans enjoying the game. There are still players discovering this title today. 

Now a new sequel is in the works called Sons of the Forest. Unfortunately, news has been a bit scarce as to what we can expect from this game. Despite this, players are seemingly taking a trek back into the woods as a means to hunt down the supernatural elements that lurk within it. We’re expecting quite an intense and horrifying experience.

While we only had one small announcement trailer for this game, the development studio has just released a new trailer for fans to dive into. Again, it’s not a lengthy trailer, but this time the development studio, Endnight Games offers a bit more of the gameplay footage. From what we can see, there is more emphasis on survival with the player having to gather various resources such as cutting down trees.

However, there’s still the hostile threat of enemies that will attempt to attack you or destroy your camp. While we’re still waiting for more information on just what all this game will offer that wasn’t featured in the first title remains to be seen. However, it does look like the developers are planning to get Sons of the Forest out into the marketplace in 2021. Once again, you can check out the latest Sons Of The Forest trailer above along with the previously released trailer down below.

Source: YouTube