Cyberpunk 2077: How To Complete “Beat The Brat” Side-Jobs | Fighting Arena Tips

One of the most annoying side-jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 takes away everything you normally use to win — the fighting arena battles in the “Beat The Brat” quests. There are tons of these fights, and if you’re a normal player like me, you’ll be completely unprepared. You can get this quest right at the beginning of the game and still not finish it even if you reach the very end.

There are no easy tricks to completing the fights, but I do know what basic perks and cyberware you’ll need to overcome. Start planning early, and you’ll finally be able to win with just a few wasted perk points. You can always respec and move your points around when you’re finally finished with these dang jobs.

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If you haven’t put points into Body / Street Brawler, the “Beat The Brat” side-jobs are surprisingly tough. It’s possible to win, but the more perks you unlock in Athletics and Street Brawler the better off you’ll be.

  • How To Begin “Beat The Brat”: In Act 1 or Act 2, go to your apartment complex. On the floor with your apartment, you’ll find a man training with a robot. You can talk to him and set up fights all around the city.

Here’s what you need to do to win. Every fight is pretty hard, so the more of the following following perks / cyberware you get, the better off you’ll be.

  • Recommended Perks:
    • Dazed (Street Brawler): All attacks with Blunt Weapons have a 15% chance to apply Stun.
    • Crushing Blows (Street Brawler): Increase damage from Strong Attacks with Blunt Weapons by 30%.
    • Opportunity Strike (Street Brawler): Increase damage with Blunt Weapons against enemies affect by Stun by 50%.
    • Steel And Chrome (Athletics): Increases melee damage by 10%.

There are more perks you can also unlock, but they’re not as critical for success.

  • Optional Perks:
    • Rush (Street Brawler): Successful attacks with Blunt Weapons regenerate 3% Health over 2 sec.
    • Regeneration (Athletics): Health slowly regenerates during combat.

If you don’t have the perk points available, visit a Cyberdoc and purchase an E-Tabula Rasa. Each Respec costs 100,000 eurodollars, so you’ll need to save up.

Finally, you’ll need to purchase Gorilla Arms cyberware. Swam them on at Vic Viktor — you can buy a set at the first Cyberdoc in Watson, Little China.

When you’re setup with all the perks and Gorilla Arms, you’ll want to follow this basic strategy. It’s worked for us.

  • During every arena battle, use Power Attacks on your opponent until you run out of stamina. They’ll be stun-locked if you land each hit.
  • Back away and dodge until your stamina recharges. Once you’re back at 100%, hit your opponent with Power Attacks again.
  • Repeat until the fight is over.

It sounds cheesy, but some of these fights are ridiculously hard even if you’re high level. The fighting system in the game is so clumsy, so it’s better to just avoid risking damage as much as possible.

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