Pokémon Sword & Shield: Crown Tundra DLC – How To Complete The 4th Legendary Quest | Ultra Beasts Guide

Ultra Beasts have invaded Pokemon Sword & Shield! You can finally catch all of these extremely rare Pokemon from another dimension, but only if you complete all three of your legendary hunting quests. After meeting up with Peony, you’ll gain clues for three quests that are all about hunting and capturing Legendary Pokemon. If you get them all, you’ll gain the ability to capture Ultra Beasts — and gain a special fourth quest that’s all about catching a very specific Ultra Beast.

The final quest involves the Dynamax Adventures in the Max Lair. This is a new activity exclusive to the Crown Tunda. Each adventure is randomly generated, sending you into a cave with 4 friends as you fight a series of Dynamax opponents. You have to use randomly generated Pokemon to win, so it all comes down to your match-up knowledge — but you can find rare Legendary Pokemon that you won’t find anywhere else. And that includes the objective for this final, fourth quest.

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How To Complete The Mystery Clue | 4th Legendary Quest Guide

To unlock the 4th Legendary Quest and gain the ability to catch Ultra Beasts, you need to complete the first three Legendary Quests — you need to catch Calyrex, the three Legendary Birds, and three Legendary Titans. Check out the guides below for help completing each of the Crown Tundra quests.

Complete these three quests and talk to Peony in Freezington, in your inn homebase. He’ll confirm you’ve completed the quests, then leave with his daughter. As you leave, you’ll find one more Legendary Quest Clue — this one gives you very little information.

How To Complete The Final Legendary Quest

This final quest can only be completed at the Max Lair adventures cave. Go there and talk to Peony — you can also talk to Peonia to purchase Legendary Pokemon information, which allows you to hunt a specific Legendary Pokemon at the end of a Max Adventure route.

  • To Complete The Final Legendary Quest: You must capture Necrozma, an Ultra Beast Legendary Pokemon.

Necrozma appears randomly in the Max Lair — to encounter it, just keep playing through Max Lair and using your extra Dynite to purchase Legendary info from Peonia. You don’t catch the same Legendary Pokemon twice — or spot them twice.

If you reach the end of a Max Adventure but don’t catch the Legendary at the end, you’ll get the option to remember it — this saves the Legendary at the Scientist NPC, allowing you to choose to pursue that specific Pokemon. It also removes it from the random roll, so you can continue to hunt for random Pokemon.

  • NOTE: To make Max Adventures easier, play with online players and always aim for Berries (healing) and Backpacker NPCs to gain useful items.

Once you find Necrozma, you can memorize its location and attempt to reach it again if you fail to capture it. Defeating it gives you a guaranteed capture with any Pokeball.

Capturing Necrozma will complete the final quest — you’ll gain the Beast Ball and Ability Patch as rewards.

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