Pokémon Sword & Shield: Crown Tundra DLC – How To Catch Calyrex | Legendary Guide

When you arrive in the Crown Tundra, the new area in the second story DLC for Pokemon Sword & Shield, you’ll have your choice of three separate legendary Pokemon hunts. This first hunt takes you through most of the Crown Tundra zone — and helps you unlock a special legendary with two separate variant forms. .

Calyrex is the kingly Pokemon that rides a steed. The steed can either be an Ice type or Ghost type, depending on how you complete the quest to capture Calyrex. Calyrex also has two abilities — due to the fact that Calyrex is actually two Pokemon joined together by the Rein of Unity. He’s a very tough Pokemon that appears at Level 80, so you’ll want to go into his fight prepared.

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How To Catch Legendary Pokemon Calyrex
Interact with this weird thing to begin the quest.

Finding The King: Once you arrive in Freezington, go to your ‘home base’ and talk to Peony to begin the three legendary expeditions.

Inside the home base, collect the Wooden Crown from the table and use it on the statue on the field outside. Calyrex will appear and challenge you to a duel. Defeat it, and then talk to all the villagers in town to begin the next step.

Getting The King’s Steed: Go toward the Mayor’s House on the hill, but he’s out — go to the Giant’s Bed to talk to him. The Giant’s Bed is located southeast of town. Pass through Frostpoint Field and stick to the left side of Giant’s Bed — talk to the Mayor, then talk to him again in his house in Freezington.

There are two Steeds you can summon, depending on the type of Carrot you grow.

  • There are two types of carrots:
    • Iceroot Carrots: Ice Type — Plant carrot seeds in a field covered in snow.
    • Shaderoot Carrots: Ghost Type — Place carrot seeds in a graveyard field.

Read the book on Crown Tundra vegetables, then leave and talk to Calyrex again. Tell him the steed can’t resist “Carrots” — Calyrex will help you grow a carrot.

  • How To Obtain A Carrot:
    • Talk to the old man in Freezingtown standing near the fields. He’ll trade 1 Bag of Carrot Seeds for x8 Dynite Ore.
      • Talk to Calyrex. There are two fields you can plant the carrot seed in. Depending on which you pick, you’ll gain a different carrot and attract a different steed.
    • Iceroot Carrot: Summons a white Ice-type steed. Find the field in Snowslide Slope, past and north of the Giant’s Bed.
    • Shaderoot Carrot: Summons a black Ghost-type steed. Find the field in Giant’s Bed. Look for the area marked Old Cemetary.

After planting the seed, Calyrex will arrive and grow it using its power. Pull the carrot, then travel back to Freezington to confront the wild steed. Defeat it to collect the tuft of Black / White Mane Hair. With this, you’ll be able to recreate the Reins of Unity.

  • Obtaining the Reins of Unity:
    • Collect the tuft of Black / White Mane Hair from the ground after defeating the legendary steed.
    • Talk to Calyrex in Freezington to obtain the Radiant Petal.
    • Go to the Mayor’s House in Freezington and talk to him.
    • After the scene plays out, you’ll gain a set of Reins of Unity.

We’re almost done. Go outside and talk to Calyrex to get your final objective. Travel to the Crown Shrine and encounter the steed. Go through the Giant’s Bed, and head north through Snowslide Slope. Enter the Tunnel to the Top and reach Path to the Peak — you’ll eventually reach the Crown Shrine at the top!

Enter the Crown Shrine and place the carrot key item in the holder on the left. This will summon the steed of your choice, and eventually leading to Calyrex re-uniting.

Once Calyrex is re-united he’ll be at full power. Defeat the complete version and catch him to get this legendary Pokemon on your team.

  • Calyrex comes in two different forms.
    • Dark Steed: Use Shaderoot to make Calyrex Psychic / Ghost type.
    • Light Steed: Use Iceroot to make Calyrex Psychic / Ice type.

This fight can take up to 20+ Ultra Balls to capture, even when Calyrex is down to 1 HP. You can use the Master Ball here — but I recommend saving it for later.

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