Pokémon Sword & Shield: Crown Tundra DLC – How To Catch Galarian Articuno, Zapdos & Moltres | Legendary Birds Guide

The original legendary Pokemon return in the Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword & Shield — Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno can be captured, but they’ve gained new Galarian forms that are sleeker than they’ve ever looked before. To capture them, you need to own both DLC packs and explore every Wild Area in the game. They fly / walk around each area, but they always spawn in the same places.

If you’re struggling to capture them, I highly recommend purchasing a ton of Timer Balls and throwing them. They make capturing Legendary Pokemon so much easier. The Legendary Birds are also much easier to capture in general than some of the other legendary Pokemon you’ll encounter — the titan legendary Pokemon in the temples can require 20+ Ultra Balls. Save yourself the time and buy up a ton of Timer Balls early.

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How To Catch Legendary Bird Pokemon | Galarian Moltres, Articuno & Zapdos

To begin the quest to capture the legendary birds, visit Ballimere Lake in the south of the Crown Tundra. Go toward the huge tree and enter Dyna Tree Hill to get a good look at all three Galarian Form Legendary bird Pokemon.

After the cutscene, each will leave for a very different area of the game.

  • Legendary Bird Locations:
    • Galarian Articuno: Crown Tundra
    • Galarian Moltres: Isle of Armor
    • Galarian Zapdos: Wild Area [Galar Region]

Each of the birds is wondering their particular area. Listen for their bird cry and explore until you see them slowly walking around — approach and they’ll perform a special escape that’s unique for each bird.

Zapdos: Zapdos speeds away when you approach. Continue to chase with your bike — after 5 or so escapes, Zapdos will get tired and slow down, making it possible to catch up to.

  • Location: Wild Area — Spawns just south of the gate to Motostoke.

Moltres: Moltres flies fast and far over the water. If you don’t trap it, it’ll go in a circle and leave you in the dust. After spotting it in Stepping-Stone Sea, beeline to Loop Lagoon and catch it there.

  • Location: Isle of Armor – Spawns in the Stepping-Stone Sea, west of Challenge Beach. Follow it south and wait at the narrow water entrance to the Lagoon to fight it.

Articuno: Approach and this legendary bird splits into multiple copies — you need to touch the correct of the three or it will disappear and reappear somewhere else in the Crown Tundra.

  • Location: Crown Tundra – Spawns in Snowslide Slope, in the high ledge to the left of the Tunnel to the Top entrance, above the temple. If it escapes, look in the Old Cemetery or the area right of the Giant’s Bed shrine — near the town of Freezington.

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