Pokémon Sword & Shield: Crown Tundra DLC – How To Unlock All Titan Temples | Legendary Pokemon Guide

There are five titanic Legendary Pokemon lurking in the temples of the Crown Tundra, the second DLC pack for Pokemon Sword & Shield. You’ll only be able to gain four out of the five, and that’s only if you can crack the riddles written on each of their doors. If you’re confused and need help finding (and solving) each temple, check out the complete guide below for all the titan Pokemon.

There are two tools you’ll desperately need to make catching these Legendary Pokemon a whole lot easier — a Pokemon with False Swipe and Timer Balls. Timer Balls are unique Pokeballs sold by Watts Traders on random days in the Wild Area. Pokemon with False Swipe include Cubone / Marowak, Scyther, and Gallade — all types you can find in the new DLC zones. False Swipe can be used to damage Pokemon to 1 HP. Then you’re free to use Timer Balls, which only get more effective the longer your battle lasts.

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How To Open All 4 Titan Temples | Legendary Pokemon Quest Guide

After meeting with Peony, you’ll gave three special Legendary quests. One of these quests tasks you with finding four temples and catching the Titan Pokemon inside. Each door is locked and you’ll have to solve a riddle to gain entrance.

The final temple requires you to select one of two Legendary Pokemon — you can’t catch both on one save file!

Temple #1: Regirock [Rock Type]

  • Location: Giant’s Bed, far west edge near Frostpoint Field.
  • How To Open: Press [Left D-Pad] to whistle.
  • Step on all the circles in Iron Ruins, then interact with the stone statue. Use Pokeballs to capture the legendary Pokemon.

Temple #2: Registeel [Steel Type]

  • Location: Giant’s Bed, far east edge.
  • How To Open: Give the Pokemon in your #1 Slot with an Everstone Held Item.
  • Step on all the circles in Rock Peak Ruins, then interact with the stone statue. Use Pokeballs to capture the legendary Pokemon.

Temple #3: Regice [Ice Type]

  • Location: Snowslide Slope, west passage from the Tunnel to the Top.
  • How To Open: Catch Cryogonal and set him as your #1 Slot Pokemon, and walk-along with your Pokemon when interacting with the door. Talk to the small child in Freezington to set a buddy Pokemon.
  • Step on all the circles in Iceberg Ruins, then interact with the stone statue. Use Pokeballs to capture the legendary Pokemon.

Temple #4: Regieleki [Electric Type] / Regidrago [Dragon Type]

  • Location: Three-Point Pass, to the south of the Frigid Sea.
  • How To Open: Catch Regirock, Registeel and Regice and have them in your party when you interact with the temple door.
  • This temple has two legendary Pokemon. Look on the outside of the temple to see two patterns — input these patterns to fight one of the two. You can only select one; either Dragon or Electric.

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