Amnesia: Rebirth – How To Solve The Theater & Laboratory Puzzles | Solutions Guide

For this final puzzle guide, we’re covering the last two strange devices in Amnesia: Rebirth. These levels come right after another — you’ll enter the Theater, and then the Laboratory right after that. Both are filled with strange machinery, and the Laboratory is especially arcane. You’ll need to read pictographs, check notes, and put together all the pieces to make these machines do what you want.

It’s pretty easy to get lost when floating specter-like monstrosities are trying to drive you insane. Check the step-by-step tutorials with screenshots below to make both of these puzzles make a lot more sense. The Laboratory puzzle is also completely optional — after restoring power to the facility, you’re free to leave without completing the extraction procedure.

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Use this Power Node (and the second Node in the back hallway of the dark theater) to unlock the room down the left hallway.

How To Solve The Theater Puzzle:

Collect a second Power Node from the dark theater room — crouch into the left hallway in the back.

Use the Power Node from the center of the room and the theater Power Node to connect power to the room to the left in the main lobby.

Collect the third Power Node, and use all three to connect power to the main theater itself.

Solving The Theater Room Puzzle: With the power on, pull the lever near the ladder on the right side of the stage. This will cause a cage with a body inside to arrive on a rail.

  • Pull the floor-mounted switch near the display in the center of the room to remove the body.
  • Pull the delivery switch again — this time, climb up onto the high ledge and enter the cage before it closes. Ride it and let the machine scan you.
  • Press the button on the scanner once it starts flashing red.

After a visit by an NPC, use the floor lever again and step into the cage before it closes.

The first step is finding the Power Node and powering this control console.

How To Extract The Vitae | Laboratory Puzzle:

Once you reach the room with the healing chair, continue deeper into the facility. In a large dark storage room, find the office and take the Power Node back with you.

  • On the way back, a monster will spawn — run back to the operating room quickly with the node.

On the way, in the large room with a view of the shipping devices, connect power to the console near the windows. Flip the switch, then take the Power Node and connect power to the operating room.

  • NOTE: After restoring power, the cart near the entrance will light-up, indicating that you can leave. If you don’t want to torture the man, just go downstairs and leave on the transport.

Now that power is restored, a man in a cage will appear. There are three steps you need to complete to generate vitae.

  • Initiating The Vitae Extractor Machine:
    • Attach the spike-like knives to the ends of the four main arms of the torture device.
    • Find the small many-pinned connector tab and insert it into the console. Look for the one with a horned “Y” symbol on the front.
    • When you’re ready, press the torture device button then raise the lever on the main console. Hold it until the shutter closes.

Continue to hold the lever up until all the blue lights are filled on the console. Now you can collect the filled Leyden Jar and insert it to use the device.