Amnesia: Rebirth – How To Earn Every Ending | Iconoclast, Provider & Harvester Guide

There are multiple endings in Amnesia: Rebirth, and each of them comes down to your final choices. At the final part of the game, it might seem like you only have one course of action — but there are multiple ways you can do things, and none of them are pleasant. Below I’ll list all the different methods for solving your situation and finally escaping the desert.

Amnesia: Rebirth asks you a question: what would you do to survive? The game drops you into a nightmarish desert with a talisman giving you access to other realms of existence. With it, you’ll travel the sands, swapping between caves and strange otherworld factories. Strange beings pursue you, and a sickness has taken hold of your body. Slowly you’ll uncover the events that lead you here, and slowly realize that this isn’t the first time you’ve made this trek.

SPOILER ALERT: This guide will be spoiler-lite so I won’t go into extreme detail, but sometimes it’s impossible to avoid explaining story events.

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Provider Ending

  • Take the baby instead of putting her back.
  • Take the Leyden Jar from the slot.
  • Escape the Empress Chamber. Press [X] to calm the child or the Empress will spot you.
  • Leave the chamber through the entrance, and reach the portal. Use the Leyden Jar you took earlier to power the portal.
  • Press the button and escape through the portal to Paris.

Iconoclast Ending

  • Take the baby instead of putting her back.
  • Take the Leyden Jar from the slot.
  • Around the Empress’s chamber, there are three control rooms. Circle the outer rim while dodging her vision cone.
  • In each of the three offices, find the Vitae control pipe. Open the device, and enter your inventory.
  • Left-click on the Capsules to refill the Injecter, then use the Injector on the blue enclosure inside each pipe. When the area turns red, turn the valve and back away.
  • Do this for all three working vitae injectors.

Harvester Ending

  • Place the baby back in the crib. You have to interact twice.
  • Leave and encounter the Empress outside to earn the ending.