Amnesia: Rebirth – How To Solve The Cistern Crank Puzzle | Solutions Guide

After blasting through the door to the fortress, you’ll have to take an alternate route to the pass in Amnesia: Rebirth. Instead of walking out, you’ll have to reach the bottom of a spooky cistern. This waterway is guarding by a flesh-eating ghoul, and you’ll have to solve some simple crank puzzles to progress.

Well, they’re simple until you reach this major crank puzzle featuring two doors, a crane, and three cranks. If you’re confused on how to solve this one, we’ve got the solution you need. There’s on wrinkle that’s bound to trip up players — even if you basically understand what you need to do. There’s no monster stalking you while you’re trying to solve it, at least.

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How To Solve The Cistern Crank Puzzle | Solutions Guide

Deep in the Cistern, you’ll encounter a puzzle with three cranks blocking your progress. The cranks control a large crane and open / close the sluice gates and dry water channels. To solve the puzzle, follow these steps.

The puzzle appears after you evade the hunter creature in the dark hallway. Once you turn the crank and escape, you’ll encounter this puzzle.

  • Cistern Crank Puzzle – Opening The Left Gate:
    • Turn the middle crank so the crane platform is infront of the right sluice gate.
    • Turn the left crank to open the sluice gates. You’ll notice only the right gate opens — the left gate is stuck.
    • Use the platforms that appear when opening the gates to reach the right gate entrance, also using the lowered crane platform. When placed right, you’ll be able to jump from the crane platform into the right gate.
    • Inside the dry water channel, take a left turn to find what’s stopping-up the left gate. Pull off the hook and the left gate will open.

Now that the left gate is open, you can complete the second step of the puzzle.

  • Cistern Crank Puzzle – Creating An Exit Path:
    • Above the right gate, there’s a hole in the wall you need to escape through.
    • Close the gates (left crank) then turn the crane platform to the right. Maneuver it to the right path slot (above the right gate) then turn the right crank to raise the platform.
    • Once the platform is fully raised, quickly turn the left crank to open the gates and reveal the platforms underneath.
    • That will keep the crane barrel in position so you can use the channels to access the upper ledge, climb onto the crane barrel, and access the high ledge.

With the platform in place, just crawl through the channel and caves to reach your destination. After a few monster encounters, you’ll be able to escape the cistern and leave the fort.