Amnesia: Rebirth – How To Destroy The Fort Door | Tank Puzzle Solutions Guide

Amnesia: Rebirth is a more complex game than its predecessor — as you explore the vast desert landscape, you’ll be tasked with solving lots of puzzles. When you’re being hunted by killer monsters, it’s understandable you might be totally tense. To help you overcome these challenges, we’re going to write up solutions for every important puzzle in the game.

The first major puzzle appears in the Fortress. When you enter the area, you’ll be able to acquire a key from an old WW1 tank trapped in the center of the courtyard. The key leads to an area called the Arsenal. Why is this all important? Because you need to make a new tank shell to escape the base. Find a full solution below, explaining how to find all three components and how to complete each step of the puzzle.

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How To Escape The Fortress | Puzzle Solutions Guide

After using the radio, you’ll learn that your fellow survivors have left the fort. They’re down the pass — but a huge door blocks your way. To get through it, you’ll need to blast your way out.

Unlocking The Arsenal | Puzzle Solution

To access the Arsenal area, go to the tank in the center of the fort courtyard. Open the left hatch and then interact to crawl inside. There’s a key hanging on the rack.

Now you can access the Arsenal. The Arsenal is in the underground area to the right from where you entered. Go down the steps and open your inventory, then use the Arsenal Key on the locked door.

Making Gunpowder In The Arsenal | Puzzle Solution

In the Arsenal, you’ll be able to make gunpowder and load at the shell station. To mix gunpowder, you need the following items:

  • Saltpeter: Located above the radio room in the barracks area you traversed to reach the radio. When you return (or after dying to the monster) you’ll find the storage room door open.
Take the charcoal from the pile, open the door and turn the crank.
  • Milled Charcoal: Down the hallway from the gunpowder station. Past the spear trap, there’s a room on the right with a stack of charcoal. Take a rock and place it in the mill to the left — turn the crank to collect the milled charcoal.
  • Sulfur: Enter the murder room at the end of the Arsenal hallway. The items you need are in the rigged cage. To reach it, go to the back-left and step onto the scaffolding outside the windows. From here, you can jump the gap and reach the back-entrance.
    • Take the Sulfur Ointment from the medical cabinet in the back-right corner of the cage room.
    • To escape, pull the trap hook from the door handle, then pull the pin until you set off the grenade.
    • Quickly hide behind the sarcophagus. If you get hurt, use the laudanum bottle from the medical cabinet.

How To Turn Sulfur Ointment Into Sulfur: Take the Sulfur Ointment to the room with the charcoal. To the right of the blocked door, there’s a bowl-shaped device. Light the candle at the bottom, then place the Sulfur Ointment on the top.

Wait for the concoction to finish boiling, then collect the sulfur that appears.

Making A Tank Shell & Escaping The Fort

Combine the Sulfur Grains, Saltpeter, and Charcoal mix into one single item — combine all three in your inventory to make Gunpowder. Go to the main starting room of the Arsenal, and use the Gunpowder on the empty tank shell on the bullet station.

Pull the lever until the shell is sealed. Take it back to the tank in the courtyard. Crawl in, and follow these steps.

  • Loading & Firing The Tank Shell
    • Inside the tank, use the wooden handle to the left of the firing handle to lower the breach and eject the spent shell.
    • With the breach open, use your new shell to load it. Raise the breach with the same handle and you’re ready to fire.
    • Next, turn handle to the left of the viewport window to release the turret lock. Now the turret can turn left / right.
    • Now use the sight handle. Aim at the door, and fire!

Sadly, escaping the fort won’t be that easy. But now the exit door is open and you’ve progressed to the next level.