Amnesia: Rebirth – How To Reach The Radio | Fortress Puzzle Solutions Guide

After a harrowing first hour of exploration in Amnesia: Rebirth, you’ll reach an old fortress filled with puzzles. The first puzzle you’ll encounter is in the barracks building right to the left of the entrance — there’s a radio looking for survivors, and you need to reach it. That’s a lot harder than it sounds.

To get to the radio, you’ll need to fix a lift and smash through a weak floor. Both of them require a lot of exploration — something you might not feel like doing when there’s a murderous ghoul stalking the halls. This is the first real challenge of the game, and if you’re panicking too much to figure out the solution, we’ve got all the steps you need.

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How To Reach The Radio | Fortress Puzzle Solutions Guide

When you first enter the fort in Amnesia: Rebirth, it isn’t exactly clear what you need to do. You’ll hear a radio — that’s your main objective. Enter the unlocked door to the left of the ruined tank.

Inside, you’ll find a labyrinth of passages and a blocked entrance to the radio. To access the radio, you need to solve two puzzles.

Collect the pulley from this device.

The Lift & Pulley Fort Puzzle | Solution Guide

To reach the radio, you need to access the second floor. There are two important locations you need to find in the dark hallways — consider the first area a big square. The lift is in the lower-left corner, and the pulley in the upper right corner.

  • Step #1: Go straight from the entrance into the halls and continue until you find a small open area in the back-right corner. There’s a home-made spear launcher here near the stairs to a dead-end. Take the pulley device from the back of the DIY weapon.
  • Step #2: Take the pulley down to the broken lift. It’s in the lower-left corner of the area — left of where you first start. Open your inventory and place the pulley in the open lift slot — then close the wooden handle to seal it in place.
The trickiest part. Get a big wooden board and place it over the hole.
  • Step #3: But the lift won’t work! You need to find a long wooden board. There’s one to the right of the lift alcove. Grab the wooden board and place it so you can stand on it while riding the lift up.

Now you can stand on the board and ride the lift up. Spin your mouse / D-pad to turn the crank and stop at the upper floor. Here, you’ll need to reach the main hallway.

You can spot the first wheel in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

The Weak Floor Fort Puzzle | Solution Guide

You’re very close to the radio now. You’ll find a cracked, weak floor just above the radio room. To reach it, you’ll need to push a heavy cannon toward the weak floor. To do that, you need to fit the cannon with two wheels.

  • Wheel #1: The first wheel is at the main hallway, laying on the ground near the cannon.
The wheel is in the back corner of this room.
  • Wheel #2: The second wheel is in the cannon room down the hallway opposite the weak floor. Push open the door to find an area where many dead bodies. In the back corner behind the cannon, you’ll find another loose wheel.

Place each wheel on the empty spokes of the cannon in the hallway. The rock underneath will pop out, and you’ll be able to push the cannon the rest of the way. When it drops through the floor, drop down and use the radio to find your next objective — find the rest of the survivors in a village far outside of the fort.

NOTE: Before leaving, don’t forget to take the saltpeter!