Frictional Games Announces Amnesia: Rebirth, Promises to be a New Story, Protagonist, and Setting

The popular Amnesia series will be getting a brand new entry, Frictional Games has announced Amnesia: Rebirth, a brand new sequel in the saga of games that defined survival horror as we know it.

Check out the announcement trailer down below:

Amnesia: Rebirth sounds promising, as Frictional Games has revealed that the upcoming sequel will have its own identity. It will have a brand new protagonist, a new setting, a new story, all built on what we learned from the original games. However, with that being said, this will definitely still be an Amnesia game, Frictional Games promises “it will be no gimmicks and no inventing something completely new.”

Here’s how Frictional Games describes their upcoming project:

“Amnesia: Rebirth is an emotionally harrowing journey — something different, something less predictable. It will test you in ways you haven’t experienced before, and will make you think about the things that really scare you.”

As of now in terms of gameplay for Amnesia: Rebirth, all we can base it off is the bits and snippets from the announcement trailer, which is above for your viewing. However, players can expect it to be a survival horror, with puzzle elements and haunting imagery.

Amnesia: Rebirth is set to release on PlayStation 4 consoles and Steam this upcoming fall, with no indication on whether or not it will release on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles.

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Source: PS Blog