Coronavirus Causing Konami TurboGrafx-16 Mini To Be Delayed

We’re sure you are all aware of the coronavirus outbreak right now. There is a health scare from this pandemic and while we wait to see if the CDC is able to get ahead of this virus, we’re starting to see some events and even products become affected. One of the latest to get affected is Konami’s upcoming mini-console.

If you recall E3 2019, Konami held a secret announcement where fans tuned in online to learn that the company would be bringing out a new mini console. Much like the NES Classic, the TuroboGrafx-16 is a new mini-console being worked on that would offer a set of video game titles. While the production was set to give the first backers the ability to pick up the console this month, it looks like there is a big change-up at the moment.

Konami is having issues with the production for the new mini-console simply because the factory in China has been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak. Unfortunately, Konami wasn’t able to give an ETA on just when the mini console would make its way out into the market either as it may seem to be based around the coronavirus and if the factory is able to once again startup.

At the moment, we’re seeing events start to take a hit from the virus. If you haven’t already heard, GDC 2020 was postponed completely due to the coronavirus and now it looks like we may have a similar issue with this year’s E3 expo. E3 2020 is currently still slated to be held this June, but the ESA has stated that they will be following the virus outbreak situation.

Source: IGN