GDC Officially Postponed Due To Coronavirus 

Game Developers Conference, better known as GDC, is held annually and with it comes several big companies from the gaming industry. With less focus on announcing new games and hardware, GDC is more of a means to hold panels and network for those that are interested in joining into the industry. As a result, it’s something that a ton of individuals looks forward to each year. Unfortunately, with the health scare going around with the coronavirus, several companies are pulling out and refraining from public appearances. 

As mentioned, there were several companies that backed out. For the past week or two now it seemed like there was a new company announcing their leave from GDC this year purely due to the coronavirus. While the United States has been relatively scarce from the virus, the bug has been slowly making its rounds everywhere. With the fear of catching the bug and further spreading it around, there is a concern of what may come of the virus if it progresses any further. 

Originally, the GDC had been confirmed to continue on despite the coronavirus, but it seems like after so many partners dropping from the event, it looks like the GDC 2020 event will be held in the summer instead of later this month. More information will likely be unveiled at a later date but right now it seems that the coronavirus is becoming too much of a problem for the event to be held without it being barren. 

While doctors attempt to battle the virus, there are other events that may soon follow the same trend. After all, we are not too far out before E3 is held which has been an iconic event for the latest news regarding upcoming video game titles and hardware. Furthermore, with the coronavirus potentially slowing down production runs, it would be interesting to see if both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will have issues making its way out into the market. 

Source: PC Gamer