Sony Highlights Media Entertainment Bundled With PlayStation 5

2020 has been an insanely hyped up year and quite the anticipated one for the video game industry. This was the year that was confirmed to see the launch of the next-generation video game console platforms from both Microsoft and Sony. What we didn’t expect was the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak that would sweep the world. However, that’s not stopping either the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X from launching into the markets next month. While both companies didn’t have the ability to really tour their consoles around for various markets with players getting a chance to try the system out in-person, they have introduced the consoles online.

Streaming has really taken off this year when it comes to introducing and highlighting content for players. The coronavirus had essentially cancelled all in-person events so naturally the workaround right now has been streaming these events for player’s enjoyment. It’s how we got all the information and details for these next-generation consoles, but even though we are less than a month away from their console launches, both Microsoft and Sony are offering more new information for players to take in.

The latest comes from Sony who decided to highlight the media center for the PlayStation 5. It looks like the PlayStation 5 will come with Apple, TV, Disney+, Netflix, Twitch, YouTube, and Spotify already on the console itself. It’s less hassle for consumers having to track these applications down and installing them onto their unit. This also comes with news for streamers as it looks like the PlayStation 5 will be able to stream content at launch for both YouTube and Twitch. 

While this is a nice hefty list of media applications from the start, there are some additional services coming to the platform as well at a later date including the likes of Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. We’re not sure just how far out some of these application services are but they are at least on the horizon for the PlayStation 5.

Source: VG247, PlayStation Blog