Amnesia: Rebirth – How To Solve The Portal Chamber Puzzle | Solutions Guide

You escape from one portal only to enter another — a much, much larger one. Trapped underground on your way to the village where the other survivors are waiting, there’s a massive Portal Machine. To re-activate the machine, you’ll have to solve multiple puzzles and visit different locations in the Roman ruins. It’s a lengthy process, but we’ll cover every step and mini-puzzle that goes into re-activating the massive portal mechanism.

We’re focusing on the puzzles here. You’ll also encounter monsters on your journey through the ruins — if you die, don’t worry! The game doesn’t make you repeat enemy encounters. When you die, you just progress a little further. Even if you die multiple times, you’ll always wake up in a new location. The game never forces you to save and reload. But this will effect which ending you get. Be warned!

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How To Solve The Portal Chamber Puzzle | Solutions Guide

When you first arrive, there’s nothing you can do here in the main portal chamber. Press the button in the center of the chamber and the device will burn out. Leave and go up to the scaffolding — there’s a hole blown through the wall. Take this path to a door and enter.

Through this door, you’ll reach a new area with three huge pillars. You can explore further or solve this puzzle now.

How To Restore Power To The Portal:

Turn the middle crank and the right crank to turn the giant pillars. Turn them so they match the shape on the screenshot below. The goal is to match the lines to form one complete shape.

When the correct symbols are facing you, use the control device to set the three symbols.

To complete this step, turn the spin-dial 180 degrees so all the symbols are in the opposite order. Now you can connect the three symbols and press the started button on top.

Now the orb is providing power to the main device. Return to the main chamber.

How To Open The Portal:

Back in the main chamber, turn all three large dials so the focal resonator is in the center. A bright blue light will shoot down when all three are in the correct alignment.

Go and press the button facing the portal to activate it.

It doesn’t work! There’s still one more step.

How To Find Replacement Leyden Jars:

One of the Leyden Jars powering the device are broken. A panel will open revealing them. Take the active Leyden Jar and go towards the camp down the passage opposite the portal.

In the camp, enter the passage on the left and plug the Leyden Jar into the empty socket to power the door. Enter the new area to continue the hunt.

How To Extract More Vitea:

The chamber ahead contains a Vitae extraction machine where you’ll be able to collect new Leyden Jars.

Enter the dark passage until you reach a locked door. Go around to the right and throw stones at the wood barring the door until it breaks.

Continue on and escape the creature from the labyrinth. Navigate the passages until you reach the Vitae refueling chamber.

Keep going. In the next room, you’ll find a creature torturing one of the survivors.

How To Save Richard:

Sneak toward the room where the creature is standing. Close the door and use the locking mechanism to trap it.

Now you can turn the crank and free Richard. Some events will happen, but you’ll wake up near a full Leyden Jar.

How To Complete The Machine:

Take the Leyden Jar from the device. It’s now glowing — turn the switch to open the door, and return to the portal machine.

Enter the bloody threshing chamber — pull the right switch, then push the left hanging cave into the gears on the left. Push when the gears momentarily stop.

When you return to the main area, grab the first Leyden Jar you used to open the gate. Unfortunately, things don’t work out quite that way.

After a very long derail, you’ll return to the machine — input the two Leyden Jars and activate the machine.

More bad news — quickly turn all three cranks again, press the button, and escape.