Amnesia: Rebirth – How To Solve The Alchemist’s Chambers Puzzle | Solutions Guide

After your harrowing escape from the depths of the Fortress, you’ll have to solve a pretty big puzzle in Amnesia: Rebirth. The Alchemist’s Lab is an otherworld location filled with strange technology that doesn’t quite make sense your first time through. The mad scientist’s lab is full of weird contraptions, and if you’re lost or confused, we’ve got a full guide explaining how to complete every step.

This is just the beginning of your portal challenges. The next level takes you to a much larger device with multiple steps to solve. In general, it’s a little easier to figure out — but we’ll include a full guide for that one too. There’s a lot more puzzles this time around, and thankfully there aren’t any monsters hunting you in this level. Just a torrent of living, pulsating flesh from another realm. No big deal.

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How To Solve The Alchemist’s Chambers Puzzle | Solutions Guide

Pick up the strange object with a glowing line connecting it to the green light. Move it so it connects to the far door in the first room — as long as it’s close to all three points, it will provide power to the door.

The real puzzle is in the main laboratory down the hallway.

How To Activate The Test Portal:

Go to the side-room and find the glowing wall picture, showing the device with three pillars. Open the orb-shaped container on the desk, and take the blue orb.

Use the switch on the center pedestal on the device with three towers. Pull it down to open it — then place the blue orb inside. This will seal the room, so remove it for now.

How To Get The Vitae To Power The Portal:

Take the power connector from the office where you gained the Orb. Place it near the three towers / orb pedestal to unlock the door on the adjacent hallway.

Go downstairs and find the strange body hooked up to a machine near the window. Pull the lever and take the Leyden Jar from the machine.

Also, collect the Leyden Jar from the strange display in the center of the room. One of the holders on the circle connected to the model tower is glowing. That’s the Leyden Jar.

How To Complete The Portal Experiment:

Connect both Leyden Jars to the portal device to the right of the three towers / pedestal. Plug both into the slots beneath the enclosure.

  • Now, plug the Orb into the open pedestal.
  • Go to the control console and move the dials until the three symbols in the screenshot below are highlighted.
  • Press the button at the top of the console to activate the machine.
  • Take the power hub device from the floor, and place it in the portal enclosure. Press the button to sent it through the portal — this unlocks the door, allowing you to access the exit.

Remove the Orb and leave through the exit you’ve created. Don’t forget to take out your talisman to go through!