Amnesia: Rebirth – Take A Closer Look At Every Terrifying Monster In The Game | All Enemies Gallery

One of the great delights of any Amnesia game is just seeing what weird monsters the devs are going to throw at us this time. They set a very high bar with the twisted monsters from the original game — and Amnesia: Rebirth includes some truly weird critters you’ll have to carefully avoid.

Below I’m going over all the monsters you’ll encounter in your adventures through the desert and beyond. Some monsters you’ll see often, and others will only appear once. They all have unique behaviors, so I’ve included a little description to give you an idea of how these things work. Check them out if you dare.

SPOILER ALERT / NSFW WARNING: We’ll be talking about all the enemies in Amnesia: Rebirth, including the final encounter. If you don’t want to be spoiled, turn back now! Many enemies are EXTREMELY NSFW so look at your own risk!

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All Enemies Gallery


The Harvesters are twisted creatures — cursed, undead beings with elongated limbs. Their goal is only to kill and collect. These are the main opponents of the game, and the monsters you’ll see most often as you explore. They have poor vision and hearing, so sneaking and staying low is usually enough to avoid them.

Harvester (Leon)

A former member of your expedition, Leon is an Australian that gets trapped in the strange underground chambers of a Roman ruin. Cursed and transforming into a Harvester, he still retains some memory of his past life. You can hear him screaming and shrieking about your character, and he openly taunts you while hunting in the labyrinth.


These strange ethereal creatures protect the great factories of the otherworld. Unlike the Harvesters, these floating apparitions don’t attack you physically. Instead they use a special device that emits bright light. When spotted, they shine the light at you until you succumb. They can fly and teleport at will, making them much more difficult opponents.


The final boss and enemy of the game. The Empress has both a physical form and an apparition form she can astral project. She uses an amulet to transform you into a Harvester, much like the Searchers, but can’t move from her perch above the throne. The Empress is a twisted, ancient creature with a face split in two. Most of her body has transforming into veiny protrusions that spread like roots into the beating heart-like seed where she resides.

She can both see and hear you. If she hears you, her light can dissipate the strange vines in her chamber, leaving you exposed. Like all monsters, if you manage to struggle you can break free and continue to escape. There are multiple ways you can deal with the Empress at the end of the game.