The Medium Dual Reality Gameplay Highlighted 

The Medium is a brand new survival horror game that comes from a team known for delivering great horror titles. From the development studio Bloober Team, we are going to be enduring another psychological horror video game experience where payers will be taking the role of a woman that will be going through two different living worlds. Haunted by a child murderer, The Medium will follow a journey to track down and solve the murder case. 

It’s been noted in the past that this upcoming video game installment from the development studio is one of the biggest projects that the Bloober Team has worked on so far. In fact, it looked like the studio not only needed some help from other companies to craft up this new project but also had to wait for the next-generation consoles to hit the marketplace to really bring this game out. As a result, Bloober Team opted to bring this game out for the Xbox Series X. 

As mentioned, this game follows a medium that can go between two realities. A good comparison would be like the Silent Hill franchise that has the otherworld. Just what the game will throw players when they embark on the journey remains to be seen, but one area that may have piqued some player’s interest is the dual reality system. There will apparently be sections of the game that has players playing through levels in two realities at the same time. Certain actions will even play out in both realities, but if you wanted a bit more of a dive into this gameplay then you’re in luck.

Recently, The Medium video game Twitter account released a new tweet showcasing a short gameplay video game guide on the dual realities being used at the same time. You can view the video footage from the Tweet right up above. For now, The Medium is set to release on December 10, 2020, on PC and Xbox Series X.

Source: Twitter