Monster Hunter: Iceborne – How To Find A Gold Creature | ‘Golden Gleam’ Guide

The Iceborne Expansion to Monster Hunter World takes you to the frozen tundra of Hoarfrost Reach, a new deadly location filled with powerful monsters. Creatures from the past and present congregate in this snowy patch of land, along with many other secrets — like this extremely rare golden monkey. Catching one will earn you the ‘Golden Gleam’ achievement / trophy, but actually finding one is very difficult.

Here, I’m going to explain how to find the Golden Macaque — an extremely rare monkey critter that appears near the hot springs. Like other rare passive creatures in the game, you’ll have to carefully sneak up on it and use the Capture Net to grab it. It might take awhile, but here’s a few tips to get this rare critter for yourself.

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How To Find A Gold Creature | ‘Golden Gleam’ Guide

The Golden Macaque, an extremely rare golden monkey, spawns in the Hoarfrost Reach. It only appears sometimes, so you’ll need to recheck the same areas multiple times to spot it — it has a distinctive gold fur, so you can’t miss it.

Use the Capture Net to nab it, and make sure to sneak. It only appears with other monkeys in Hot Springs. There’s a Hot Springs in Area 2 — if you don’t see it, check the other Hot Springs or fast-travel to reset the animal population and check again. Leave your Palico at home base and only go solo if you’re trying to farm this, as your Palico can accidentally scare away the Golden Macaque.

Just keep reloading and checking the hot springs on the map — eventually the Gold Monkey will appear, and you’ll be able to earn the ‘Golden Gleam’ achievement. Goodluck!

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