The Division 2: How To Get The Eagle Bearer Assault Rifle | Exotic Guide

There’s one final Exotic gun you can earn in The Division 2, and it’s all about the Operation Dark Hours raid. The raid is incredibly difficult, and if you want to earn the Eagle Bearer, and powerful new Exotic Assault Rifle with some handy traits, then you’ll need to be able to finish it. We’ve got a full guide explaining how to beat every boss in Operation Dark Hours, but even knowing exactly what to do might not be enough.

So, what’s so special about the Eagle Bearer? It becomes more powerful the more you use it — you’ll get +35% damage for headshots, bonus accuracy, and tenacity buffs for every shot that lands on a target. It also keeps you alive longer with the tenacity buff, which delays all damage and lowers the damage you actually sustain per kill. Get five kills for 100% damage reduction, essentially making you invincible if you earn lots of kills with tenacity active. Finally, you’ll actually gain extra protection when you’re not even using the Eagle Bearer — while shooting a different weapon, you’ll get a +10% armor bonus.

That’s a pretty special little weapon. Let’s learn how to actually unlock it below. It’s both simple, and not simple at all.

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The Eagle Bearer Assault Rifle is only available to players in the Operation Dark Hours raid. It can be earned randomly if you’re lucky, but the rest of us will have to earn in a different way.

The Eagle Bearer Exotic can drop from any of the four bosses in the Raid upon defeat. Even the very first boss, Boomer, can drop the Eagle Bearer Exotic. But, the chances of that happening are very low. From player reports, it seems the last boss is most likely to drop the Eagle Bearer Exotic.

It still might not drop for you. In that case, you’ll have to use the guaranteed drop method — the Eagle Bearer can be collected from a chest in the back of the airplane at the end of the raid, but only if you complete the raid five times.

It’s hard enough to complete the raid once, but five times? That’s pretty insane, but as stated above, it is possible to farm the first boss and hope for a lucky drop.

Eagle Bearer Talents

Eagle’s Strike: Accuracy increases with uninterrupted fire. +100% reload speed, +35% damage buff and +10s tenacity after headshot kills. Bonus tenacity buff for each body shot (+1% per hit) and headshot (+5% per hit).

Tenacity: Reduces incoming damage by 20%-100%, depending on bonuses from body shots / headshots. Damage is mitigated until the buff wears off, after which damage can be reduced completely depending on kills scored while tenacity is active. Damage is reduced 20% for each kill, up to 100%.

Protected Fire: While holstered, gain +10% bonus damage while firing.

Eagle Bearer Mods

Optics: +10% Critical Chance

Magazine: +30 Rounds

Underbarrel: +10% Stability

Muzzle: +15% Critical Damage

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