The Division 2: The Best Spot To Loot For Materials | 50+ Containers Location Guide

Sick of exploring the open-world of The Division 2 to refill your crafting materials? There’s one place you can visit daily for a huge selection of loot containers, and you won’t have to run around long to find them all.

It’s a veritable treasure trove of lootables — and while this isn’t the best place to farm if you’re looking to increase your Gear Score, it is an amazing resource for easy-to-obtain materials, resources, and random gear. It’s all about loading yourself with random loot, which will help you keep those Control Points stocked up and defended for longer.

If you’re looking for an easy solution to keep your inventory well-stocked with random drops, you’ll want to check this area out. Get the full explanation below, with details to make looting all those boxes way easier. This location was shared by u/dareal_mj on Reddit, so all thanks go to them for this find.

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The Best Spot To Loot For Materials | 50+ Containers Location Guide

To find a treasure trove of lootable containers, capture the Solar Farm Control Point in the East Mall region. There are an insane amount of lootables in the surrounding area. 50+, and you can recollect these lootables daily.

Even better, with the area defended by friendlies, you don’t have to worry about enemies (or annoying Black Tusk patrols) nearly as much. Your allies will patrol the streets and keep some of the bad guys busy while you loot.

To make looting much easier, unlock the Detection 1 (or 2) perk from the Base of Operations. It only costs 1 SHD tech point. This perk causes all lootable containers to become highlighted — you’ll be able to see them through walls, too. Meet with the Supply Officer and donate until all three categories have 50+ items. While the CP is well-stocked, you’ll be able to wall-hack those containers and easily track them all down.

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