Destiny 2: How To Unlock The Izanami Forge | Black Armory Walkthrough

If you’re looking to add that third forge for Destiny 2 then you will want to check out this guide. The latest forge was opened up for players to unlock in Destiny 2 and its known as the Izanami Forge. Those who are up for the challenge, there are a few elements you will need to go through which we will list down below. As always, you can check out our other guides featured on Destiny 2 and its various expansions within the links below so without further ado, here is how you can unlock the Izanami Forge.

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How To Unlock Izanami Forge
Step #1

Start killing off vex which may take a bit of time because you’re looking for a specific drop known as the Vex Transponder. Take a look at the Vex Transponder to learn that you need to kill a hundred vex in order to progress.

Step #2

After you have successfully killed a hundred vex a new task will be featured on the transponder which will have you complete a spire integration on heroic at the hollows.

  • Note: The sooner you go through this challenge at the moment the better as you’ll find more players also going through the very same process. This could help out though depending on when you go through this task there could be a need of additional players to lend a hand.
Step #3

When you have gone through the spire integration you will need to defeat twenty minotaurs in Artifact’s Edge, the Hallows, the Glade of Echoes, and Watcher’s Grave.

  • Note: Public events will spawn minotaurs which will be counted towards your kills.
Step #4

Head to the Nessus and track the signal that is using a Black Armory signature. Once at the location you will have to hack three vex confluxes. Afterwards, you will have to defeat a boss, the Proto-Sentinel Galedrix.

Step #5

When you have defeated the boss, you’ll need to head back to the tower and interact with Ada-1. Ada-1 will then showcase the next step which is completing three heroic versions of the Glimmer Extraction, Witches’ Ritual, and Spire Integration public events.

Step #6

Once you have completed the public events, you will need to collect components. The components you’re searching for is Blended Ether, Condensed Blights, and Radiolarian Vapor.

  • Note: Blended Ether is collected from fallen precision multi kills, condensed blights are collected from taken blights on Io, and lastly, Radiolarian Vapor can be received through the Rekindle The Flames quest.
Step #7

Head to the Volundr Forge to power the Izanami igniter which will have a task where you’ll end up having to defeat the Forge Warden. This will later direct you to Ada-1 once again.

Step #8

Ada-1 will then have players complete the advanced version of The Insight Terminus and collect a Cabal component from the boss in order to repair the Izanami igniter.

Step #9

Head to the Izanami Forge with the repaired lighter where you’ll have to redo a smaller forge battle with Aegion, Deductive Mind as the boss.

Step #10

Head to Ada-1 again and you’ll receive a Basic Bow Frame. This will also trigger the Izanami Forge to be unlocked.


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