Destiny 2: Forsaken – How To Access A Secret Cutscene & Watch An Old Villain’s Return

The primary antagonist of Destiny 2: Forsaken isn’t done yet. He makes his return in a hidden cutscene you can access this week in The Dreaming City — the location that only becomes available after you finish the Forsaken expansion’s story campaign. It isn’t enough to just find the location of this cutscene, you’ll also need an Offering to the Oracle to enter the proper area. For super-fans, that’s a cinch and a half. For the rest of us, it takes a little bit more explanation.

The cutscene itself features the return of Uldren Sov, the man driven insane by a strange evil presence. The brother of the Awoken Queen of the Reef, Uldren Sov murdered Cayde-6 in his quest to rescue his sister. After that, the Guardian gained a voice and began their quest to hunt the killer down, fighting through a small army of henchmen to finally defeat him. Well, he isn’t quiet as dead as he first seemed, and he’s changed since your last encounter.

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How To Access A Secret Cutscene & Watch An Old Villain’s Return

To watch the bonus cutscene, featuring the return of Uldren Sov, the villain of the Forsaken DLC storyline, you’ll need to travel to a specific spot.

  • Go to the Dreaming City and travel to the Spine of Keres in the Divalian Mists area.
    • Access the Spine of Keres (mission area) from the mountain path, south of the road to Rheasilvia.
  • Return to the tower and climb up to the balcony with the stone on the side. Give this stone an Offering — a platform will stop that orbits the orb in the center.
    • Jump onto the platform, and the orb will open. Go inside to convene with the Queen.
  • In the Queen’s Chamber, interact with the panel on the left side of the room. ‘Lean closer’ to the hologram, and you’ll trigger the cutscene.

So, the big challenge here is actually getting the Offering. An Offering is a special item you can acquire by completing a bounty from Petra Venj, the location vendor in The Dreaming City.

  • How To Get An Offering for the Oracle:
    • Go to Petra Venj in The Dreaming City and accept the bounty ‘Gateway Between Worlds‘.
    • To complete it, you’ll need to finish all three tiers of the Blind Well.
    • The Blind Well is located in the center of the Dreaming City. Go to the Divalian Mists and travel straight north to the massive cathedral entrance. Zig-zag up to the top to find the Blind Well horde activity.

Actually completing the Blind Well on Tier 3 can be a challenge, but the new Black Armory Power Level makes that job much easier — some of the Black Armory tasks can push you to PL 600 faster than normal, which in turn makes the Blind Well much easier to finish up with a small team.

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