Pokemon Quest: How To Earn Free PM Tickets | Premium Currency Guide

Like most mobile games, you can purchase premium currency in Pokémon Quest. In this game, they’re called PM Tickets, and you don’t have to spend real-world money unless you really want to speed this game up. It’s a game you can complete on your own in less than 20 hours, and doesn’t have infinite replayability like Pokémon GO — there’s no multiplayer component, no way to lose progress, and nothing competitive — it’s just you and a whole bunch of expeditions.

And you can earn free PM Tickets. There are three ways to get tickets, and I’ll explain how it all works in the full guide below. Nothing too tricky here — but it can be worth it. With a little bit of saving, you can unlock just about everything you need in-game. The only purchase you can’t make is the starter pack, which is full of useful items, but is only available if you’re willing to spend cash. Otherwise, this is a totally free game you really don’t need to spend money on.

How To Earn Free PM Tickets | Premium Currency Guide


There are three ways you can earn PM Tickets in Pokémon Quest. PM Tickets can be used to purchase decorations, inventory upgrades, or speed up cooking time.

  • Complete Quests: Check your quests listings to see when you’ll earn PM Tickets. Normally, you’ll only earn about 50~ tickets per complete quest. There are two types of quests, but you’ll normally only get PM Tickets for completing main quests.
  • Daily Reward: Check the Poke Mart (Store) in the top-right corner of the screen. Every 22 hours, you’ll earn 50 free PM Tickets. Tap the reward icon to collect.
  • Purchase DLC: If you purchase DLC, or DLC bundles, you’ll immediately earn 100 PM Tickets. If you purchase a bundle, you’ll earn 300 PM Tickets.

There are ways to get even more PM Tickets in game. You can quadruple (x4) the amount of PM Tickets you get with the Expedition Packs or DLC.

  • If you purchase 7 items in the shop, you’ll earn the Premier Ball Statue decoration, which gives you +10 PM Tickets per daily reward.
  • If you purchase Expedition Packs, you can increase the amount of PM Tickets you earn to about 190 per day.

So, combining the Premier Ball Statue and Expedition Packs, you can earn 200 PM Tickets for each Daily Reward. That will speed up your progress a whole lot, but if you’re willing to wait a little bit longer, you’ll essentially be able to earn that many PM Tickets by checking in every day and claiming your reward in four days — instead of just one.

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