Battlefield 5: How To Unlock Free DLC With Battlefield 1 | ‘Road To BFV’ Guide

Battlefield 5 is fast approaching, and before the official launch on October 19th (or October 11th for EA Access subscribers), EA is busy giving away expansions for Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4. If you download them, they’re your’s forever — and that’s true of another unique reward you might not have noticed while browsing around EA’s ‘Road To Battlefield 5‘ event. You can also unlock exclusive customization sets for Battlefield 5.

In Battlefield 5, you can customize your soldiers from top-to-bottom with a variety of in-game unlockables and DLC. The Deluxe Edition, for instance, comes with six unique customization sets you can use to personalize your soldier. These sets include outfits, camo, face paint, weapon skins and headgear — and two of these sets can only be unlocked in ‘Road To Battlefield 5‘ — an event that’s currently on-going, and will last until the launch of Battlefield 5 later this year.

It’s not complicated at all. Check the quick guide below for more details to help you unlock the DLC — this is your only chance to claim it! You can also download expansions for Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 — if you missed previous free DLC weeks, just keep checking. EA has promised that players will get more than one chance to download all the expansions as ‘Road To Battlefield 5‘ continues.

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How To Unlock Free DLC With Battlefield 1 | ‘Road To BFV’ Guide


To claim the unique customization DLC sets from Battlefield 1, you’ll need to take join the ‘Road to Battlefield 5‘ event.

  • Open Battlefield 1 and check the in-game menu for the weekly rewards and daily tasks.
  • By completing daily tasks, you’ll unlock weekly rewards. Each week has different rewards.
  • You can complete previous weeks that you’ve missed.
  • Weekly rewards include XP boosts, weapon skins, and BFV customization options. Check the individual rewards to find the BFV gear — it will only unlock when the full game launches.

Battlefield 5 is returning the series to its WW2 roots, and includes tons of customization to truly personalize your character. The only DLC will be customization, with all expansions releasing for free.

Battlefield 5 is set to launch on October 19th for the standard edition. Owners of the Deluxe Edition will be able to play on October 16th, and EA / Origin Access subscribers will get it even earlier — on October 11th.

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