Battlefield 1 Vehicles | 2016


On land, sea and air, World War 1 became the first fully-mobilized modern war. Battlefield 1 aims to simulate that experience, offering up a variety of dangerous period-accurate combat vehicles. Everything from blimps, to tanks, to battleships and biplanes are at your disposal. Cavalry is another option, giving soldiers a quick way to traverse massive maps with deadly killzones. Learn about all the vehicles showcased with our list below.

Battlefield 1 is a gritty vision of The Great War. Putting you in control of a soldier on the ground, you’ll fight in deadly close-combat skirmishes, raid trenches, and use early vehicles to help your advance. Tanks were slow and biplane bombing raids didn’t pack the punch they do today, but that just means you’ll have to learn the strengths of every vehicle and utilize their deadly weapons with precision.

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About Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Vehicles

[UPDATE: 10/12: Added new info, vehicles, and descriptions.]

Vehicles have changed in Battlefield 1. Tanks and planes now spawn through the map menu — select which vehicle you want to spawn into to become one of two classes; the Pilot or Tanker class.

Now vehicles can sustain localized damage — targeting the treads can disable movement, or shooting the different gun ports will disable each individual cannon. Depending on your faction, the tank / plane selection will change.

Tanks are deployed in three size variants; Light (1 Player), Medium (3 Players), Heavy (5 players). The heavier the tank, the more allies can hop inside and man the weapon ports.

Biplanes work in a similar way. They are summoned in three variants; Scout Plane (1 Player), Fighter (2 Players), and Bomber (3 Players). Pilots can switch to different sections of the plane mid-flight, but will be vulnerable during the short animation period to small arms fire.

To summon Biplanes or Tanks, players must select one of the new Tanker or Pilot classes.

How do Behemoth Vehicles Work?: Behemoth vehicles are in a class all their own. They come in three variations, and will only spawn for the losing team, giving them an edge and one last chance to rally before a defeat. Each Behemoth only appears once, and each individual weapon system can be destroyed separately to weaken it.

  • Behemoth Vehicle Types:
    • L30 Airship
    • Armored Train
    • Dreadnought

Behemoth vehicles can spawn for any faction, and serve as a mobile spawn point.

Light / Heavy / Other Vehicles

This section is devoted specifically to vehicles — armored cars, artillery vehicles, motorcycles and other transports. Often these vehicles will be found on the map, and can be used to gain a tactical advantage or just used to get your team from point A to point B. Vehicles won’t stand a chance against tanks, and are lightly armored.

RNAS Armored Car

Screenshot 2016-06-12 17.05.12

  • Class: Light Vehicle
  • Passengers: 1 Driver, 4 Gunners
  • Weapons: Hotchkiss Heavy MG (2nd Seat), Hotchkiss M1909 Light MG (Seats 3, 4, 5)

This Armored Car was deployed by the British Empire on multiple fronts; shown above crossing the desert in-game. The metal-covered conveyance comes equipped with Hotchkiss MGs — one on the turret, and three more for passengers. Like a turn of the century APC, this vehicle helps soldiers move across the map with some protection against rifles and other anti-personnel weapons.

M30 Scout Car


  • Class: Light Vehicle, Exposed Passengers
  • Passengers: 1 Driver, 1 Gunner, 1 Passenger
  • Weapons: Vickers Light MG

This light Scout Car exposes the occupants to the elements, not providing any of the defense of the fully-armored Rolls-Royce Armored Car. Small arms can pick off the driver and passengers, but the second seat comes equipped with a light MG, while the passenger side can use their own weaponry. Like Jeeps and Humvees of previous titles, this car is made to get your team across the map fast.

Armored Artillery / Anti-Aircraft Truck


  • Class: Heavy Vehicle
  • Passengers: 1 Tanker
  • Weapons: Field Gun / Anti-aircraft gun, Maxim MG
    • Gadgets: AT Mine / Smokescreen

The heavy truck comes in two types; the Artillery and Anti-Aircraft variant. Unlike other vehicle-classes, this slow-moving truck is considered a tank, and will spawn you with a Tanker kit when selected. There are only two seats, and the driver can swat to the secondary weapon — either a massive artillery field gun used for bombarding areas from long-range, or a powerful (and fast-firing) anti-aircraft gun. All versions of the Armored Truck feature heavy armor, but less than any comparable tank.


Screenshot 2016-06-12 17.07.58

  • Class: Light Vehicle, Exposed Passengers
  • Passengers: 1 Driver, 1 Passenger
  • Weapons: None

Like the horse (with a sidecar), the motorcycle appears for all factions, and allows the passenger to use their kit for self-defense. It won’t provide any sort of protection at all, but is small, light, and nimble enough to quickly squeeze through narrow passes or get you and a friend behind enemy lines.

Cavalry Horse


  • Class: Unique – Cavalry, Exposed Rider
  • Passengers: 1 Rider
  • Weapons: Cavalry Kit – Sidearm, Saber, AT Grenades

This special “vehicle” offers more than just a fast path to the objective. Horses, like cars, can “run over” infantry, and riders can use melee weapons or sidearms to shoot enemies on-the-move. The AT Grenades included in the unique Cavalry Kit (equipped when riding a horse) can help destroy tanks — if they don’t spot you first. The Horse will trot at regular speed or sprint on command. Unlike the Motorcycle, the Horse can leap over obstacles automatically.

Tanks – Light / Heavy / Landship

Mechanics surrounded tanks have changed due to the Tanker class kit. Instead of climbing into vehicles that spawn around the map, vehicles are now selected at the pre-spawn map screen. Here you can select from a garage of available faction-specific vehicles, and that includes three types of tanks.


Screenshot 2016-06-12 19.05.18

  • Class: Light Tank
  • Passengers: 1 Tanker
  • Weapons: 3 Variants – 37mm Short Main Cannon / 20mm Auto-Cannon / 8mm Machine Gun
    • Gadgets – Close Support: Canister Shell, Poison Gas, Deployable Medkit
    • Gadgets – Howitzer: Emergency Repair, Smokescreen

The lightest tank available in Battlefield 1 comes in three major variants — the Close Support Tank, the Flanker Tank, and the Howitzer Tank. The Close Support Tank can deploy medkits to on-foot soldiers, or spread poison gas. The Flanker is a fast version with a powerful auto-cannon, and the Howitzer comes with a powerful cannon, smokescreens, and auto-repair capabilities.


Screenshot 2016-06-12 19.42.27

  • Class: Heavy Tank
  • Passengers:
    • Heavy Assault: 1 Tanker, 5 Gunners
    • Breakthrough: 1 Tanker, 3 Gunners
    • Flamethrower: 1 Tanker, 4 Gunners
  • Weapons:
    • Heavy Assault: 57mm Cannon (Seat 1), 8mm MG 08 x2 (Seat 2), 8mm MG 08 (Seat 3, 4, 5, 6)
      • Gadget: Track Repair, Smokescreen
    • Breakthrough: 57mm Cannon (Seat 1), 8mm MG 08 x2 (Seat 2), 20mm Auto-Cannon (Seat 3, 4)
      • Gadget: Medical Crate, Emergency Repair
    • Flamethrower: 57mm Cannon (Seat 1), 8mm MG 08 (Seat 2, 3), Heavy Flamethrower (Seat 4, 5)
      • Gadget: Gas Emitter, Track Repair

The slow-moving A7V tank can carry up to six players at once depending on the variant you select. Unlike the light Renault tank, the different A7Vs require allies to truly take advantage of this vehicle’s strengths. For instance, the Flamethrower variant only comes equipped with the heavy flamethrowers in seat 4 and 5. Each tank is equipped to deal with different threats — the breakthrough variant is built for defense, with medical kits to heal and additional powerful weapon ports. The armor is heavier than the Renault, but nothing compares to the Mark V.

Mark V 


  • Class: Landship – Can cross trenches unaided.
  • Passengers:
    • Squad Support: 1 Tanker, 4 Gunners
    • Tank Hunter: 1 Tanker, 2 Gunners
  • Weapons:
    • Squad Support: 7.7mm Hotchkiss Cannon – Front / Rear (Seat 1), 57mm 6 Pounders (Seat 2, 3), 7.7 Hotchkiss MG (Seat 4, 5)
      • Gadget: Track Repair, Ammo Crate, Medical Crate
    • Tank Hunter: 13.2mm Anti-Tank Cannon (Seat 1), 57mm 6 Pounders (Seat 2, 3)
      • Gadget: Gas Emitter, Emergency Repair

The British Mark IV tank is one of the most iconic combat vehicles of The Great War. You might remember it from an extended action sequence in The Last Crusade. The massive landship can cross trenches, making it more maneuverable than other tanks in trench environments. Each turret has a limited range of coverage, ranging from straight forward, to the sides, to the rear. A full compliment of teammates allows you to cover every angle, and each 6 Pounder cannon can be equipped with high-explosive or anti-tank rounds.

Aerial & Naval Warfare

Biplanes replace jet fighters in Battlefield 1, but there’s plenty of high-octane fun to be had with old technology. There’s no way to lock-onto vehicles with missiles, but the slower speed gives you more time to maneuver. Aerial dogfights are back, with special planes designed specifically to hunt enemy bombers. Along with the air force, there is a navy in Battlefield 1 — you’ll get a chance to captain a torpedo boat, too.

Planes – Fighters, Attack Planes, Bombers



  • Class: 3 Variants – Fighters, Attack Planes, Bombers
  • Passengers:
    • Fighter: 1 Pilot
    • Attack Plane: 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner
    • Bomber: 1 Pilot, 2 Gunners
  • Weapons:
    • Fighter: 3 Variants – Dogfighter, Bomber Killer, Trench Fighter
    • Attack Plane: 3 Variants – Ground Support, Airship Buster, Tank Hunter
    • Bomber: 3 Variants – Barrage Bomber, Firestorm Bomber, Torpedo Bomber

Like tanks, airplanes are associated with the new Pilot class — selecting an airplane from the planning menu, you can also choose one of three types; the fighter, the attack plane, or the bomber. There are multiple models within those archetypes, and each model comes with an extra three variants, designed to deal with a specific type of threat. Airplanes can be equipped with a brace of bombs, a zoom lens for accurate shooting, napalm-like fire bombs, or bursts of rockets that pepper an area with shrapnel. Planes are a particularly deep way to play, and there are entire game modes dedicated to them.


MAS 15 Torpedo Boat


  • Class: Torpedo Boat

The low-to-the-water torpedo boat is a quick ship, equipped with heavy deck guns and torpedoes (naturally) to deal with massive Dreadnoughts. The Italian speedster is crewed by multiple players, and helps add another dimension to the naval conflict in Battlefield 1.


A totally new element to Battlefield 1, the Behemoths are special vehicles that appear for the losing team, giving them a chance to bounce back from the jaws of defeat. Behemoths take three forms — on land, sea and air. Each of the Behemoth variants are mobile spawn points. Your teammates can spawn directly into one of multiple gunports.

Armored Train


This lumbering vehicle can be seen in the tight urban rubble and in massive desserts. Like the Zeppelin and other tanks, the various gun-ports can be manned or swapped to while piloting, and the heavy armor provides powerful defense. Stuck on tracks, the Armored Train isn’t maneaverable at all, only able to move one direction — forward. It’s also huge, and doesn’t move very quickly, making it an easy target for Rocket Guns or Anti-Armor Grenade bundles.


Screenshot 2016-05-09 18.06.43(2)

Naval combat looks to return as a quick frame shows us a WW1 era battleship firing all cannons. These massive vessels provide powerful fire-support to infantry on the ground, and served as unwieldy but deadly artillery in previous WW2-era Battlefield games. Presumably, naval combat will be showcased on the Mediterranean shore map Empire’s Edge.



The massive Zeppelin comes equipped with bombs and gunner ports, allowing allies to rain death down on control points. In Battlefield 1, all armies can deploy airships with multiple gondolas armed with machineguns, cannons, and bombs. The intimidating vehicle is summoned when one team falls behind in control mode. It is not piloted — like the AC130 from Battlefield 4, the Zeppelin moves across the map automatically, and allied players can spawn into one of multiple gunner ports.

When destroyed, the Zeppelin crashes down onto the map and the wreckage remains in position, changing the layout of the map and blocking shooting angles. The German Army employed airships for bombing raids and reconnaissance missions, although they proved vulnerable to ground fire. Most visibly, airships were used in a wide-scale bombing campaign against Britain. Just like the real-life counterpart, emplaced anti-air cannons can kill gunners from their positions.