Battlefield 1 Maps | 2016


Trench warfare is synonymous with misery, brutality, and despair — but that doesn’t mean slow down the mayhem of Battlefield 1. Destruction is back, and the maps feature plenty of close-quarters and long-range fields to duke it out with automatic weapons and artillery. Battlefield 1 aims for a more intimate experience for soldiers on the digital front-lines, while also expanding the insanity to include massive Behemoth vehicles, heavy tanks, bi-planes, and special Elite Class upgrades. We’re putting our sights on the many maps where Battlefield 1 is set to take place.

But, as we’ve seen in the reveal trailer, the war wasn’t limited to just the muddy trenches. The open deserts of northern Africa are shown, along with massive European valleys where biplanes exchange machinegun fire between snowy peaks. The scale looks bigger than ever before. Units on land, sea, and air vie over contested areas — it’s classic Battlefield with an early century twist.

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About Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Maps

[UPDATED 10/12: Added all current maps with updated descriptions and info.]

Battlefield 1 is set to include a grand total of 9 multiplayer maps (1 post-launch free map) and 7 game modes. The game modes set to release with the base game are:

  • Conquest
  • Domination
  • Operations
  • Rush
  • War Pigeons
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Air Superiority

Rush, Conquest, Team Deathmatch, and Domination all return from Battlefield 4. Air Superiority was later added to Battlefield 3 in the End Game DLC —  check out some of the major battles and locations for Battlefield 1’s multiplayer maps.



  • Factions: United Kingdom vs. German Empire
  • Special Features: Armored Train Behemoth | Urban ruins environment.

Set during the climactic Battle of Amiens in 1918, this French burg is where the Allies’ began their 100 Days Offensive, leading to the total defeat of the German Empire that same year. This is a brutal, city-oriented combat area with plenty of destruction. Using cover will be crucial, but may make it difficult for bi-planes and / or tanks to target on-foot soldiers. The narrow alleys and roads make easy choke points to lay traps, such as anti-vehicle mines.

Argonne Forest


  • Factions: United States vs. German Empire
  • Special Features: Armored Train Behemoth | Derailed train.

The deep forests of Argonne are the setting of an infantry-focused map where the Meuse-Argonne Offensive began. The map itself features a maze of trenches and bunkers, along with viable machine gun nest emplacements to fend off charging soldiers at critical defensive positions. Melee weapons, chemical gas, and point-blank combat are common on this brutal map.

Ballroom Blitz


  • Factions: United States vs. German Empire
  • Special Features: Airship L30 Behemoth | French Chateau ballroom.

Set during the same historical backdrop as the Argonne Forest map, this battle takes place around a French Chateau in the Argonnes forest. The large structure even features the map’s namesake — a large ballroom with massive windows, giving soldiers on-foot a large place to hide-out when the powerful Airship L30 arrives to rain down death from above.

St. Quentin Scar


  • Factions: United Kingdom vs. German Empire
  • Special Features: Airship L30 Behemoth | Trenches and village combat.

The map depicting the Battle of Mont Saint-Quentin is divided in half with two distinct sections — the ruined farmlands, and the burnt No-Man’s-Land. The village in the center is already partially destroyed, and won’t stay intact for long, but it looks positively idyllic next to the scarred trenches and bunkers found on the eastern edges of the map. The rest of the area is relatively open farmlands, where vehicles can easily maneuver around objectives.

Empire’s Edge



  • Factions: Italians vs. Austro-Hungarians
  • Special Features: Dreadnought Behemoth | Adriatic Sea coastal fortress.

The edge of the Austro-Hungarian Empire is represented in this Mediterranean coastal island, where you’ll find another angle to the on-going conflict — Naval Warfare. A massive Dreadnaught takes part in the battle for control, able to lob volleys of artillery from its many player-controlled turrets. Naval and air combat is prioritized in this massive arena.

Fao Fortress


  • Factions: United Kingdom vs. Ottoman Empire
  • Special Features: Dreadnought Behemoth | Al-Faw peninsula fortress.

The second map with a naval focus is the Fao Fortress, taking place in the desert and featuring another Dreadnought ship, this map depicts the British invasion of the Ottoman Empire’s territory in the Persian Gulf. With the United Kingdom on the offensive, the Ottoman Empire must defend the hilltop battlements from the land, sea, and air.

Monte Grappa


  • Factions: Italians vs. Austro-Hungarians
  • Special Features: Airship L30 Behemoth | Open valleys and plenty of air-power.

The Venetian Alps saw fighting between Italy and Austria-Hungary, and those battles are represented with stunning dog-fights in the trailer for Battlefield 1. The enhanced destructibility of the engine is on full display, not just by in the way biplanes crumble, but also how bombing runs destroy structures below as soldiers scramble through open fields in search of cover. Elevation plays a big part in this map — with dog-fights and the spectacular Airship L30 dominating the skies.

Sinai Desert


  • Factions: United Kingdom vs. Ottoman Empire
  • Special Features: Armored Train Behemoth | Massive, flat desert landscape. | Sandstorm weather effect.

The Sinai Desert is a huge open desert where you’ll have to cross vast stretches of unprotected sand to reach the objectives. Each focal point is a small outpost, camp or village with a handful of small buildings to take cover. The norther edges of the map feature more roads (and train tracks), along with narrow canyon passages through the cliffs to launch surprise attacks. Every so often, a visibility-lowered sandstorm will roll in, giving foot soldiers an advantage, and a chance to close in on machine gun emplacements or unprotected heavy vehicles.




  • Factions: United Kingdom vs. Ottoman Empire
  • Special Features: Armored Train Behemoth

The Suez canal was, and still is, a vital shipping port — and this map depicts the struggle as the United Kingdom and the Ottoman Empire class on the riverbanks, into the long desert dunes, and across city outskirts. The objectives are each set in distinct parts of the map, with their own recognizable pitfalls and advantages.

Giant’s Shadow


  • Factions: United Kingdom vs. Ottoman Empire
  • Special Features: Armored Train Behemoth

Set in and around the ruins of a crashed Airship L30, this map pits the British forces against defending Germans in the rivers, hills, and ruins of the French country-side. NOTE: This map is set to be released for free post-launch in December, 2016 — those who pre-order any edition of Battlefield 1 will unlock this map one week early.