God of War (2018): Use This Glitch To Earn Unlimited XP | Exploit Guide

No, you really don’t need to earn an unlimited amount of XP in God of War to become a truly divine warrior. Basically, you’ll earn more than enough XP to unlock every skill in the main game, and you’ll be locked out of upgrades until you reach a certain point of the story — essentially, I’m telling you, you really don’t need to use this XP glitch.

But glitches and exploits are awesome, so we’re going to reveal a crazy glitch that still works in God of War, making it insanely easy to earn 350,000+ XP in about 15 minutes. That’s a heck of a lot of XP, more than you’ll ever near. A full hour of grinding can net you over a million XP, which is completely ludicrous. There’s nothing Kratos needs with all that XP, but it’s nice to have plenty stockpiled for a rainy door and a few uber upgrades in the post-game world. If you’re curious how all this works, keep scrolling to get the exact details.

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Use This Glitch To Earn Unlimited XP | Exploit Guide


To start earning XP fast, follow these steps. To do this exploit, we’ll be using the Labors system and taking advantage of the counters. When you earn XP, that stays with your character forever — but, you can roll back a particular random stat and rack up the XP.

  1. Check your “Labors” screen, find “Quick Reflexes” and get to 99/100 under “Parry Enemy Attacks”. You can track how many parries you’ve earned on this screen.
  2. At 99/100, kill the enemy you’re parrying and trigger an autosave. These happen anywhere — if you’re doing this early in the story, you can cross the bridge near the first revenant encounter.
  3. Continue on and parry an enemy to get 100/100. You’ll earn 3,500 XP — don’t kill the enemy. Instead, open the pause menu and select “Restart Checkpoint”.
    • If you’re near the first revenant, an enemy will spawn when you cross the bridge. Restarting checkpoint will drop you right before you cross the bridge.
  4. After restarting, you’ll keep the XP, but the “Quick Reflexes” counter will roll back to 99/100.
  5. You can keep getting 3,500 XP, then restarting and parrying as often as you want for an infinite amount of very fast XP.

You can do this from the very start of the game, and earn enough XP to keep you unlocking stuff all the way until the end. This method is very easy, and still works with the current running patch. This trick is best used at the bridge near the first revenant encounter — it’s fast, it’s easy, and you’ll always win big.

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