Far Cry 5: The Best Stuff To Sell | Vendor Guide

The only way to acquire new weapons, clothing options and weapon customization in Far Cry 5 is to sell — sell skins, sell magazines, sell fish — just sell everything you can. Right from the get-go, you can start hunting and selling to buy the biggest, fanciest cars, guns, and helicopters. Here, we’re going to break down how much everything is worth, and what items are the most valuable for hunts — and even how to make a little extra cash.

Crafting has been, basically, completely removed from Far Cry 5. No more hunting down specific beaver, lion or elephant skins to get the biggest pouch for your assault rifles, or whatever. The systems have been significantly simplified, even if there are some wrinkles the game doesn’t really explain — like exactly what you’ll always want to sell, how to make money, and how to make even more money from the same hunting spots.

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The Best Stuff To Sell | Vendor Guide

There are three types of items you can see to vendors — animal skins, fish, and maps / magazine pick-ups. You’ll find maps / magazines in almost every outpost, usually in an office, lobby, or front desk area. These maps will automatically update your in-game map with points of interest, but you don’t have to keep them. You can immediately sell maps after getting the benefits.

  • Don’t miss the “Harvest Master” perk. Unlock it and you’ll get double pick-ups from animals you’ve hunted — two skins and two bait items instead of one. This will effectively double the amount of money you earn while hunting.
    • It’s also a good idea to toss down bait meat on the ground and immediately blast the predator that spawns. Sometimes you’ll get Wolf Leaders or other valuable animals.
  • You’ll also collect a bonus skin when hunting animals with a bow instead of a gun.

Animal Skins / Fish are totally useless in-game, and serve no purpose other than to help make you money. In previous games, animals skins / fish were used to craft pouches or other item upgrades for your character. That is no longer the case. All capacity upgrades can be unlocked through the perk menu now.


List of Prices – Vendor Sales 

You can sell items at any store in the game. Gun Stores, Generator Stores, Car Stores, Airplane Stores or Helicopter Stores — all of them offer a sales tab. Enter the sales tab and sell items individually or “Quick Sell” to immediately trade in your entire stock. There’s no reason not to sell everything in your inventory that can be sold.

  • Apha Wolverine Skin: $400
  • Alpha Moose Skin: $350
  • Alpha Hare Skin: $350
  • Alpha Black Bear Skin: $300
  • Alpha Deer Skin: $300
  • Hare Skin: $300
  • Cougar Skin: $225
  • Wolf Leader Skin: $225
  • Moose Skin: $200
  • Bison Skin: $200
  • Caribou Skin: $190
  • Elk Skin: $190
  • Grizzly Skin: $185
  • Deer Skin: $180
  • Pronghorn Skin: $180
  • Maps / Magazines: $180
  • Boar Skin: $170
  • Skunk Skin: $170
  • Wolf Skin: $170
  • Wolverine Skin: $170
  • Fish [Sturgeon]: $150
  • Fish [Non-Sturgeon]: $100
  • Feather: $100
  • Damage Skin: $5
  • Damaged Meat: $5