Far Cry 5: All Animal Companions Guide | Where To Get The Dog, Bear & Lion

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Recruit your very own pupper (and feisty feline) in Far Cry 5 with this quick guide, explaining how to find the animal companions and get them on your ‘Fangs For Hire’ roster. Do the right missions, and your survivor can summon a dog, a mountain lion, or a big brown bear named Cheeseburger. They’re all incredibly useful — Boomer the dog can retrieve weapons, tag nearby enemies, and even stealth kill. The bear? Well, the bear just goes on a total rampage.

Animals Companions are hardly a new addition to the Far Cry franchise. In previous games, animals could help (or hinder) you — but it wasn’t until Far Cry Primal that you could actually tame a few heroic beasts and ride them, tearing into any bad guys nearby. The animals in Far Cry 5 are kind of like the buddies in Metal Gear Solid 5. It’s a weird comparison, but Diamond Dog and Boomer share more than a few similarities. Far Cry 5, though, does have a big bear named Cheeseburger. I don’t think you’ll find a better companion than that anywhere else.

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All Animal Companions Guide

There are three animal companions you can unlock (and summon!) to send against the evil cult that’s taken over a large swathe of Montana. To summon an Animal Companion, open the “Fangs for Hire” tab and select one of your unlocked animals. They’ll appear and start doing their thing.

  • Boomer the Dog
    • How To Unlock: Liberate Dutch’s Island, then go to the dog icon at Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm. When you approach, you’ll get the “Man’s Best Friend” quest. Complete the quest, kill the cultists, and set the dog free to get him as an animal companion.
    • Bonuses: Boomer will automatically tag nearby enemies and sometimes disarm enemies, bringing you extra ammo. He also scares away bears!
  • Peaches the Mountain Lion
    • How To Unlock: Liberate Dutch’s Island, then look up in the northwest corner of the map, in Faith’s territory. Travel to Peach’s Taxidermy and talk to Miss Maple to begin the “Here Kitty, Kitty!” quest. Follow the quest marker (and bring the treats you’ll find at the Taxidermy place) to bring Peaches home. Defeat the cultists and toss down treats until Peaches is back to unlock her.
    • Bonuses: Like Boomer, Peaches is pretty good at stealth — infact, they’re even better. They stay stealthy in tall grass, can perform stealth kills, and keep trained wolves away from you.
  • Cheeseburger the Bear
    • How To Unlock: Liberate Dutch’s Island, then go to the bear icon up in Jacob’s zone of influence. Destroy the heavily-armed cult outpost called the F.A.N.G. Center. When that’s done, talk to Wade Fowler in the area — that starts the “Right To Bear Arms” quest. Go to the quest marker (and bring some salmon from the starting fishing quest) to rescue Cheeseburger at the Linero Building Supplies site.
    • Bonuses: The biggest, baddest animal in the game. He isn’t stealthy at all, but he’s extremely tough, and can take out entire outposts of cultists.