Far Cry 5: How To Find Every Collectible Type | Pack Rat Guide

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To get the ‘Pack Rat’ achievement / trophy, you only need to find one of each collectible type in Far Cry 5. There are six different types of collectibles — Baseball Cards, Records, Bobbleheads, Lighters, Comic Books, and Whiskey Casks. 

There’s no reason to explain where to find every single one of these collectibles because you can buy maps at any of the gun stores you come across. Maps aren’t they expensive, and they’ll plaster each different type of collectible on your in-game map menu. There’s one map for each type of collectible. The trick is just unlocking all the maps. That’s what we’re going to explain below.

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How To Find Every Collectible Type | Pack Rat Guide

To make collecting achievements / trophies easier and hunt down the many, many collectibles hidden throughout Hope County in Far Cry 5, you’re going to need to buy a whole bunch of maps. To unlock maps for purchase at the gun store, you’ll need to start certain side-quests.

These side-quests for each individual collectible type will also show you the location of one collectible. If you start these quests, you’ll have access to all six collectible map types, and you’ll have a location for one of each collectible. Grab one of each to unlock the “Pack Rat” achievement / trophy.

  • Baseball Cards: Talk to the man at the Oberlin Picnic Area. It’s located south of the Whitetail Park Ranger Station. Talk to the people in the station to get the baseball man’s location.
  • Bobbleheads: Find Dave Fawler, a man beside a cabin south of Widow’s Creek. There are bobbleheads in the area, so you can grab one for the trophy / achievement before buying the map.
  • Whiskey Casks: Go down to the Can of Worms Fishing Store, east of Peaches Taxidermy. Talk to the woman standing inside to begin the whiskey cask hunting quest.
    • Whiskey Casks are always hidden underwater.
  • Lighters: Find the Redler Residence in John Seed’s territory. Talk to Wendell inside to begin the quest to track down lots of lighters.
  • Vinyl Records:  Enter the Wolf’s Den in Jacob Seed’s region. This guy is a quest-giver, so you may have to complete some other quests before you can get this one.
    • For every record case you collect, you’ll unlock new songs for the radio station.
  • Comic Books: Talk to Nadine Abercrombie on a trailer parked in John’s area. Talk to her and you’ll be able to collect a comic book just down the road.

Now you can buy maps for all the different collectible types in Far Cry 5. Grab one of each, and “Pack Rat” will unlock. Easy, right? Too bad you won’t get a very good reward just for tracking down every single one of these collectibles. It’s really not worth the effort.