Far Cry 5: What You Can Buy With Microtransactions | Silver Bars Guide

Because no triple-A title can escape the specter of microtransations, we’re going to delve into exactly how Far Cry 5 chooses to incorporate real-world money. The short answer? It’s pretty harmless, but you will be reminded of it constantly.

Microtransaction currency is called “Silver Bars” in Far Cry 5, and if you choose to purchase some, you’ll be able to access cosmetics, weapons, and mods early without having to earn the regular in-game currency you’ll get for completing standard activities.

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Here’s What You Can Buy With Silver Bars | Microtransactions Guide

Whenever you visit the gunstore, you’ll see two different prices — in-game currency cost, and Silver Bar cost.

If you purchase Silver Bars, you’ll be able to spend those in lieu of in-game currency, speeding up the unlocking process for expensive stuff like vehicles and powerful weapons.

You can also purchase cosmetic changes for your weapons, player model, and vehicle — and seeing how you’ll not really see your character model very much, that’s an easy option to skip if you’re looking to save that scratch.

  • Silver Bars | Microtransaction Currency – What You Need To Know:
    • There are no lootcrates. Silver Bars are a special currency that unlock in-game items you select.
    • Silver Bars can be used to purchase items from in-game stores — guns, weapon mods, and vehicles can be purchased with in-game currency or Silver Bars.
    • You can also purchase cosmetic skins for vehicles, weapons, and your player model.

Silver Bars are totally optional, and none of the items currently available require Silver Bars to purchase. You can always use in-game currency, which you’ll earn by completely quests or playing activities — or you can get cash quick by trading skins from animal hunts.